All Of The ISDN Switch Off Dates You Need To Know

The ISDN switch-off is just around the corner, and although the final switch off is in 2025, many exchanges and areas will reach end-of-life long before. Businesses are now being advised to change their connectivity and phone systems to ensure their business continuity over the coming years.
So let’s go through all the ISDN switch-off dates, you need to know…


November 2017 - The ISDN switch-off is announced

We start our journey in 2017, 5 years ago. BT announces to switch off all ISDN and PSTN lines in 2025. This essentially means that millions of consumers and businesses will have to migrate to new alternative technologies such as FTTP and hosted VoIP. These alternatives offer greater speeds and a more reliable quality, while enabling you to future proof your business. Overall, the migration is needed to remain business continuity after the switch off.

The old ISDN system run on the old copper PTSN lines, and cost millions in maintenance every single year. With the advancements we have seen in technology over the last decade, paired with the increase in home working, the network simply cannot keep up with demand. At the same time, the copper network can not reach the same kind of speeds and quality todays world of Teams meetings and always being online requires. 

Therefore, the copper network is being replaced with fibre first, allowing users to get more than 50 times faster speeds! 

Now THAT’S a reason to make the move now! 

July 2018 - Reality kicks in

In 2018 the switch off slowly begins and we are reminded of the importance of adapting and migrating to new technologies. At this time there are still over 2 million businesses in the UK that will have to complete their migration before 2025.

That’s over 1/3rd of all UK businesses!

Openreach is the infrastructure network that begins the construction of fibre lines across the UK. They set their 7-year road map which lists their goals, targets, and time frame to the public. By 2025, Openreach will set up 85% of the country on fibre lines, starting with the more densely populated areas such as London and Manchester

This is our first ‘wake up call’ and businesses had to start thinking about the alternatives. Businesses must now start planning the move to full IP phone solutions such as either Cloud-based calling or SIP. These technologies allow for incredible speeds and unrivalled reliability. Depending on the business’ size these solutions can take a while to install, due to the porting process and the need for new cables.

Top advice? The sooner businesses start planning their roadmaps, the sooner the migration can begin and sooner they can be prepared for the future after the switch off.

March 2020 - The FTTP Roll Out Begins

In 2020 the 5-year countdown started! We now only have 5 years to fully migrate from ISDN and PSTN lines to fibre and full IP alternatives. At the same time, another dates come closer as the full stop-sell of all ISDN and PSTN products was only 3 years away!

In 2020 the government announced that it will be providing a transitional access product, for those who are unable to receive fibre internet service and need an alternative to access the internet. This new So Tap(SoTAP) also known as SOADSL or SoGEA; is used where OpenReach’s copper path between the end customer premises and exchange isn’t available.

In 2025, 85% of the UK will have access to full fibre, so this will enable users who are unable to get FTTP to stay connected and sustain their communication.

September 2023 - Stop Sell

A date to remember!

In September 2023, organisations are no longer able to sell any copper-related products which will soon be switched off. This means that your business could be in danger of losing support and any maintenance of your existing copper lines. The stop-sell is a gradual approach and have already completed in some parts of the UK. September is labelled as the official stop sell date, but there are 648 different exchanges which will reach their end-of-life before 2023.

September marks the month for the FULL stop sell, where the last areas will have reached the stop-sell for their end-of-life technologies. The stop-sell is coming closer every month, and therefore we highly recommend migrating to fibre or alternatives as soon as possible.

December 2025 - The ISDN Switch-Off Date

In December 2025, the national grid of both ISDN and PSTN lines will be switched off. By this date, it is estimated that 85% of the country should be on alternative fibre services that will enable them to stay connected and in contact. Openreach will have been working around the clock to provide ultra-fast fibre to the nation. 

So what is the solution suitable for your business, and when do you have to make the move? 

ISDN alternatives include VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Cloud-Based telephony. These solutions come with reliable and consistent call quality.

Your connectivity will be replaced with FTTP if your area is a part of the 85% that will be covered. If not we will move you to alternative solutions such as SoGEA, or you might even want to consider a Leased Line.

But when should you make the move for your organisation?

The best time is now.

Reach out to us today to start the process and together we will find out which of your technologies that will be affected by the switch off. To ensure your business continuity over the coming years, there is really no better time than right now to start the process and make sure you are not taken by surprise by the switch-off. 

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