Lone Worker Solutions

Redsquid’s lone-worker solution provides your businesses employees with the safety they need to do their job confidently and securely. Protect your employees by monitoring where your lone workers are at all times with real-time systems, allowing you to respond quickly in cases of emergency.

Using technology such as geofencing and man-down detection, our lone-worker solution reduces risks and saves on the costs of avoidable workplace accidents by avoiding them altogether. Provide peace of mind to your workers and your business with Redsquid’s Lone-worker solution.


Our Lone Worker Solution In a Nutshell

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Protect Your


Make sure your employees who work on their own are taking care of so they can be safe and secure. Connected devices provide you with real-time data on all workers in the field. 

Increase Productivity

By feeling safe in the work environment it is proven that employees are more productive. Additionally you can avoid any time off because og injury or illness when workers are provided with security and safety. 

Save On


Accidents and injuries happening in the workplace can end up costing huge amounts for business in insurance money. Therefore by adopting effective safety processes solutions can end up paying for themselves. 



Know where your workers are at all times. Since lone works often work on their own schedule you might not know where they are. Our tracking solutions gives you their exact location at all times, so you know who might be implemented in case an alarm is raised. 



In case an alarm is raised and you would have to shout down an area, you can simple send an alert to all workers by tracking their locations. This way you can reduce the risk for any workers who might be left hurt or in danger for hours simply because no-one knew where they were. 



Should the first happen and an accident takes place – minutes matters!
Our solutions makes sure that help can be with your workers as quickly as possible by using the tracking system. Additionally the solution allows you to plan for ‘who will respond’ in case of emergencies to further reduce risk.

Additional Benefits Of Our Lone Worker Solution

Don't wait until it happens

Make sure accidents never happens and protect your employees so they can feel safe and secure while performing their jobs. 

Make your employees feel safe

Get peace of mind knowing that your employees and therefore your business is always safe.


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Lone Worker

A lone worker is someone who works in isolation without close or direct supervision.

A lone worker solution provides the location and welfare status of employees who work on their own and may face a level of risk. It uses certain technology including two-way communications, man-down detection and auto geofencing to provide this.  

Benefits include ensuring the safety of the workforce in real-time, and giving management full visibility of the location and welfare of their employees.  

It should be deployed for all employees who work on their own, especially where they may face a level of risk.

Lone worker solutions increase safety because it allows management to monitor employee welfare & whereabouts in real-time at all times.

Businesses whose employees work on their own, and especially where they may face a certain level of risk.

Yes, as they will feel more secure in carrying out their job and will therefore also be more productive.  

Lone worker solutions use connected devices to provide the real-time data to ensure the safety and welfare of employees.

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