Redsquid Cyber/Kill Solution

Redsquid Cyber/Kill is our managed cyber security solution built on XDR, SIEM, and SOC technology. Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Recovery solution monitors all activity on your system 24/7 and isolates suspicious devices and user accounts. Backed by a SOC team of 30+ security professionals, the Redsquid Cyber/Kill solution keeps your organisation protected at all times with everything from security assessments and BitDefender anti-virus to attack simulations to test user security readiness.

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How Does Redsquid Cyber/Kill Work?

Redsquid Cyber/Kill follows the NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework), a set of guidelines for mitigating organisational cybersecurity risks. 

These elements enable our security specialists to correctly and efficiently handle any threats that may face your business. Therefore, suspicious activity is quickly reviewed and responded to. In most cases, affected devices or user accounts are immediately isolated, and the damage is rolled back automatically with little business interruption.

A Solution Built on SOC & SIEM

Cyber/Kill is built on SOC and SIEM technology, giving you a team of 30+ security specialist as a part of your security setup. 

Outsourcing your security mean you get a full team of experts, who both manually and with technology will monitor your entire estate 24/7. 

Now that’s security! 

Our Managed Cyber Security Solution In a Nutshell

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BitDefender Anti-Virus

BitDefender is the number 1 rated anti-virus in the world with over 500 million users across the world. BitDefenders’ advanced risk analytics technology examines not only endpoints but also human behaviour, continuously analysing your organisational risk using hundreds of factors to identify any threats, making it a key part of Redsquid Cyber/Kill. 

Security Assessment

Having a clear understanding of your security is essential be able to protect your organisation. Therefore, our comprehensive security assessment will review your entire IT estate in detail, while providing you with a holistic and prioritised overview of any risks. We approach any project with a security assessment first, to make a detailed plan.

Security Roadmap

Once our security assessment and vulnerability scans are complete, we will create a security roadmap. This contains high, medium and low priority action points, implementation plans and budgetary requirements. This allows you to stay informed on your security while always have a plan, ensuring you stay ahead of new threats.


Our MITRE ATT&CK® framework is based on real-world observations and provides details on 100+ threat actor groups, including the techniques and software they use. It helps identify defensive gaps, assesses security tool capabilities, organises detections, hunts for threats or validates mitigation controls. Our SOC team will monitor your system 24/7 and stay on top of any threats highlighted by the preventive technology. 

End-User Policies & Training

Your team is your best defence against cyber threats! Having an end-user security policy is the first step towards becoming secure. Therefore, we will help you craft a valuable and functional policy that can be used to advise your team on their role in protecting your organisation. In addition, your users will have access to our security training portal where they can access a series of bite-sized training videos.

Attack Simulations

Attack simulations are great to test user security readiness. We run a multitude of attacks against your users and report on success and trends. This is a valuable education tool for your team and ensures you are prepared for real threats and attacks. As the threat landscape changes, they will stay updated on new threats and approached used by cyber criminals. Attacks simulations should be done on a regular basis, to keep it top of mind. 

Additional Benefits Of Redsquid Cyber/Kill

Security Consultations

Our Redsquid Cyber/Kill plans include a number of consultation hours that can be used with one of our cyber security specialists to discuss subjects like:

Breach Investigation – We to find out how the breach occurred.

Breach Remediation – We stop the breach and resolve any damage caused.

Consultation – Any customer-generated security-related questions or discussions.

Implementation – If you would like help setting up or configuring any security-related services.


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Redsquid is a rapidly growing full solutions provider, creating opportunities for businesses to optimise their IoT, Cyber Security, ICT, Data Connectivity and Voice capabilities. We have been making a difference to our customers for 15 years now and racked up a good amount of experience in all thing’s cyber security.

We have aided dozens of businesses in times of cyber trouble and prevented countless harmful cyber attacks.

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Redsquid Cyber/Kill

Having Cyber Security ensures your business is protected against cyber attacks and your data is secure. Redsquid Cyber/Kill covers all bases so you know your organisation is secure.

Cyber Security is fundamental as it prevents your private data being stolen and used for ransom

Investing in your Cyber Security is the best way to become secure. Redsquid Cyber/Kill is the perfect combination of solutions, giving you maximum protection.

The best way to prevent attacks is employee training! Redsquid Cyber/Kill comes with training for your staff, ensuring they can take the correct steps when dealing with attacks.

Yes, however it is no longer enough on its own! To be secure you need much more that just Anti-Virus such as, Email Security, Gateway Security, and Security Training.

We have bite-sized videos which can inform and educate your team on cyber threats and prevention methods. This also includes small knowledge assessments to ensure your team are on track. 

The Redsquid Cyber/Kill road map contains priority action points, implementation plans and more which allows you to improve your security.

The Dark Web is an encrypted part of the internet. Fully encrypted and with no tracking it is a safe haven for cyber criminals, buying and selling stolen data.

Could Managed Cyber Security be Right For Your Business?

The solutions organisations have in place to protect themselves are no longer sufficient. Businesses are now at risk from threats that cause disruption, fines, or in extreme cases stop the business trading permanently. On average, a single cyber-attack can cost a small business more than £175,000. Therefore, we want ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We want to make a difference to your business. Therefore, we come up with solutions, such as Redsquid Cyber/Kill to protect, secure and ease our customers in such a dangerous landscape.

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