MPLS Solution

Unify your offices and enhance communication across your business with our MPLS solution. Built on one simplified system, our MPLS network is an easy to use solutiion that will allow you to consolidate your offices and assets by streamlining collaboration and communication. On top of this you will also reduce costs and save space on the storage of unnecessary equipment. By investing in Redsquid’s MPLS solution you will be able to streamline your business, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


Our MPLS Solution In a Nutshell

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Your Offices

A MPLS solution allow offices to connect with each other’s networks, so that businesses would need to house their servers in just one location. Having a MPLS solution means that your business will save money on maintaining expensive computing and networking equipment.

Protect Your Company Data

Having a MPLS system in place, makes backing up files and data much easier for your business. Data and files can be saved multiple times when all your locations have access to a server. Should anything happen to one of your sites, a disaster won’t affect your business essential documents.

One Location For Your Network

A MPLS system simplifies your businesses connected network into something that is easily manageable and additionally effective. When you have one location to host your entire network, it means you have less equipment scattered across locations and a more unified communications experience.

A Managed/ Maintained Solution

We look after our MPLS customers. Once your networks are in place, we will ensure that they are managed and maintained for you. It means that you can rest assured that your company’s networks are being professionally looked after.

Save on Equipment and Space

With MPLS, singular offices no longer require their own servers. Additionally they won’t require  any connections to a third-party hosted server, just a router to connect to the head office. Consequently your business will need less expensive computing equipment and less maintenance is needed.




Online solutions like VoIP will be capable of running over your unified network. Moreover your VoIP system can be housed at your company’s head office, yet still be connected to every single one of your work locations. Not only does this create a unified voice network, it also saves you additional space and maintenance which means you can cut down on costs.

Additional Benefits Of Our MPLS Solution


Your business’ smaller locations could regain or save on space originally taken up by in house equipment. This space can now be used to house more employees, more useful equipment or entirely new sections of the office.

Everything in one place

A company’s head office becomes the heart of the organisation, capable of supporting other offices network connections.


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MPLS Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks route traffic within a network by assigning a label or labels to each data packet to send it along a predetermined path. Instead of examining the packet, packet-forwarding decisions are made based purely on labels. MPLS guides data from one node to the next based on labels for path instead of network addresses, avoiding complex lookups. Consequently at every point a new label is attached to the packet until it reaches the destination.

MPLS itself does not provide encryption, but it does provide a high level of security due to it being on a virtual private network.

You use it to manage the routing as well as the flow of network traffic.

Companies who require a scalable Wide Area Network that can carry both voice and data, and also need to prioritise certain services and traffic over others.

MPLS provides the underlay network and is very secure, whereas SD WAN is an overlay technology. It offers better visibility, availability, enhanced performance, and also flexibility. It additionally reduces costs by providing optimized, multi-point connectivity.

Yes, because they ensure packets of data get where they’re supposed to, via an optimal route, and furthermore that packets are prioritised appropriately.

We use MPLS to manage the routing and flow of network traffic.  

No, because it is an underlay technology and essentially a private network.

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