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Powerful SIP trunks solutions for inbound and outbound calls are rapidly replacing ISDN services. Our world class SIP Trunks service offers a reliable and cost-effective means of ensuring seamless communication across your business. With the help of our experts, a SIP trunk can drive operational efficiency, enhance call quality, and cut costs. Embrace the future of communications with our SIP Trunks service.


Our SIP Trunks Solution In a Nutshell

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SIP telephone numbers are virtual numbers, meaning that you will not need to be tied to your physical office location.

Scale When Needed

This solution is extremely flexible, allowing you to add additional lines to your communications systems as and when needed.

For All Your Communication

SIP trunks are able to transmit and carry not only voice communication traffic, but also data and furthermore video content.



SIP trunks are much cheaper for businesses than the traditional ISDN lines. By implementing this solution you will therefore cut costs instantly.

Disaster Recovery

SIP trunks will continue to work, should you experience a major power outage or moreover damages on your building, as your calls can easily be re-routed.

Suitable For Any Business

SIP trunks are suitable for any size of business from small businesses to large enterprises or government organisations, that currently have a PBX solution.

Additional Benefits Of Our SIP Trunks Solution

A unified communications solution

This solution can easily be integrated into your future communications channels, for example if you should start to use video conferencing. 

Disaster recovery

All your calls can be re-routed easily – consequently you will be sure not to loose important data. 


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SIP Trunks For Business

SIP provides communication over the Internet via a data connection.

It allows companies and also individuals to place telephone calls either directly with each other via the internet. 

VoIP only allows for the transmission of voice communication.
SIP trunks are on the other hand able to transmit and carry not only voice communication traffic, but also data and video content.

Local Presence:
SIP telephone numbers are virtual numbers. As a result you do not need to be tied to your physical location.

They are extremely flexible, allowing you to add additional lines to your communications systems as and when needed.

Disaster recovery:
Calls can always be re-routed easily.

The number of SIP channels contained within a SIP trunk depends on the estimated number of concurrent calls you make and also receive during your peak business hours.

SIP technology requires an internet data connection and either:

  • A VoIP (Cloud Telephone) supplier
  • An IP enabled on-premise Telephone System (PBX)
  • An IP enabled hosted PBX system
  • A border controller gateway to support IP based voice communications.

Traditional ISDN are being phased out, and at this time SIP trunks will become the new standard for line rental.

Because each and every provider varies, so do the number of SIP channels that can be held in one trunk. But the number of make and receive calls are only limited by the number of SIP lines you have purchased.

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