Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are perfect for businesses looking to boost connectivity around a large building or workspace. These standalone devices are designed to distribute a reliable and efficient connection across your whole workspace, even in the areas prone to slower speeds. Wireless access points for businesses increase productivity and communication by providing your employees with a high speed internet connection no matter where they are in the office. Enhance your businesses connection and boost productivity by investing in wireless access points.


Wireless Access Points In a Nutshell

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Use Wireless Access Points to increase the speed in remote office areas, such as in meetings rooms or offices. Connectivity can be very un-reliable, with black spots around a larger area. Our WAPs can boost and maintain an internet connection and distribute the connection over a larger area.


Blackspots are areas in a business which has a poor connection due to being out of reach. Therefore, the  signal will drop, and the connection can be unreliable. The WAPs will overlap connection areas so there will be no black spots, maintaining a strong connection at all times and places.


Depending of your office space and its layout, you can add in as many or few WAPs as you’d need.
We will always conduct a site survey of your office to ensure we advice you on the correct numbers, while also confirming where to place them for the best possible use. 

Additional Benefits Of Wireless Access Points

Wireless office

We know that wires can be incredibly annoying and frustrating to set up. Fibre lines are no exception. With our WAPs there is no need for docking, making the office infrastructure much easier to maintain, and causing less maintenance.

Improved communication

With remote working and internet communication becoming more common, your connection has to maintain a standard to keep those communication chains open. WAPs create an opportunity to improve communication due to the speed, area, and number of connections it provides.


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Redsquid have been in the technology industry for more than 20 years now and have been supporting our customers will all their technological needs. We have a team of specialist engineers to survey and advise you on how you can make the most of Wireless Access Points.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to support our customers and these are the latest developments which will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

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Wireless Access Points increase your connectivity speed for multiple users at once, this makes the solution extremely cost efficient.

Wireless Access Points use the connection from your internet router or ethernet cable and disperse the signal out in a larger area. Therefore, the WAP can amplify a connection and enable a larger number of employees to connect.

There is no set place to put WAPs.
Typically, WAPs are put into blackspots, areas of the office where there is weak or no connection to the internet.

All businesses are different and therefore need different amounts and set ups of WAPs. We will always send an engineer to do a site survey to provide you with the best advice.

Yes, all network sources have an IP address, this includes WAPs. 

Yes, WAPs are very secure and enable you to safely connect and browse the internet, this is due to the advanced security measures. With the connection being an internal source no external sources can access your AP.

No, Wireless Access Points are used to disperse the connection you already have. This means there is further reach, and more users can access the connection at once.

No VPN is needed to access your private internet connection, due to the security measures that come with the WAP, a VPN is not necessary.

What are Ethernet Leased Lines?

WAP are best utilised when paired to a Leased Line ! With ethernet leased lines dedicated to your business, you will be sure that a slow connection never implicates your business again. Equally downloading and uploading speed will bring continuity to your business and make sure that the productivity of your team has the best circumstances.

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