Redsquid's Compliance & Temperature Monitoring Solution

Redsquid’s compliance & temperature monitoring solution allows you to plan for the unforseen. All data is stored in the Cloud, so your employees can access them of site, and therefore make a data based decision whenever it is needed. You will receive real time alerts if irregularities arise, as well as notifications when its time for health and safety checks. 


Our Compliance & Temperature Monitoring

Solution In a Nutshell

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Increase productivity by implementing IoT monitoring. Traditional methods for monitoring and recording temperatures can be time consuming. Instead of manually entering temperatures into a spreadsheet, employees can use their time more productively.



All data will be collected and stored in the Cloud. By doing so, managers will have access to all this information whenever and wherever they are. Therefore they can make a data based decision whenever it might be needed.

Set Up


Set up an alert system so your employees get notified if any irregularities are monitored. This allows them to react quickly and avoid a possible disaster. Additional alerts can be set up, for example to notify on any upcoming safety checks.



Notify employees and set up alerts so your business are on top of hygiene or health and safety checks. This alert system means that you can meet compliance restrictions.

Compliance Regulations

Our compliance and temperature monitoring solutions help your business with staying on top of all compliance laws. The system notifies you if anything needs to be checked or if irregularities arise.

Motivate Employees

Automate manual processes so your employees can focus on what they are best at. Let them use their skill set on more complicated matters. Instead you will get peace of mind knowing that the tracking system does the job.

Additional Benefits Of Our Compliance & Temperature Monitoring Solution

Simple & Fast

Streamline your processes, and make planning both simple and fast.

Off-site monitoring

All data can be accessed off site via Cloud. This makes your employees capable of reacting quickly, and furthermore make data based decisions.


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Compliance & Temperature Monitoring

It is a solution for automated temperature monitoring of environments, such as fridges, freezers & ovens. Additionally it meet specific legal requirements, for example HACCP reporting.

It is a complete end to end temperature and safety operations system. Automatically it monitors environments, including food storage facilities, around the clock.

It is used to automatically monitor environments, including food storage facilities around the clock. So in essence it negates the need for manual reporting of temperatures.

It can dramatically improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and likewise any potential stock loss. Additionally it can maintain the quality of foods, whilst also meeting compliance regulations.  

Any industry can utilise this solution to monitor their environmental temperature, but it is especially beneficial to the food manufacturing businesses.

Any size business can utilise this solution.

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