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We provide UK schools with reliable and advanced technology solutions, designed specifically for modern education. Our services include robust online learning systems, top-notch cybersecurity, and interactive teaching tools. We simplify school administration and encourage innovative teaching, ensuring that your school is well-equipped for a digital-first future. Partner with us for technology that supports your educational goals and prepares students for a digital world


In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, reliable IT support is not just a necessity; it’s a catalyst for transformative learning and teaching experiences. Our comprehensive IT support services are designed to meet the unique challenges and objectives of schools, colleges, and universities in the UK. From infrastructure management to software support, we ensure your institution stays connected and ahead in the digital era.

Comprehensive IT Support for Every Educational Need


Network Management

Ensuring reliable and efficient operation of school network systems, including internet connectivity, data transmission, and network security.


Hardware Support

Providing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for all physical technology equipment in schools, such as computers, servers, and networking devices.


Cloud Services

Utilising cloud-based platforms for data storage, sharing, and collaboration, enhancing accessibility and scalability of educational resources.


Technical Training

Offering training and support to educators and staff on the latest technology tools and software, ensuring they are equipped to leverage digital resources effectively.

Prioritised SLA's

Have peace of mind, knowing we operate within SLA’s to make sure you are up and running in no time, whenever an issue occurs. With the opportunity for 24/7 support, we keep your downtime at a minimum to ensure business continuity. 

Personalised Approach

Every school has individual needs and priorities. Therefore, we tailor our solutions to fit your needs perfectly, while making sure you receive exactly the support that you need.

You Know

With an experienced team of over 20 engineers, we have a specialist in each area whether you need support for your software, cloud backups or internet connection. Via our support you will get to know our engineers by name, so you always have a contact you trust.


We constantly scan for any technical issues, so we can spot a problem before you even notice it! With a proactive approach we are always looking out for your systems so you can continue with minimal disruption. 


All our solutions are scalable to grow alongside your organisation. This way, we can easily amend your support to the amount of users who needs it at any time without disruption to your productivity. 


We offer the opportunity for 24/7 support, to ensure your business continuity around the clock. Every organisation has different requirements, so if you work out of standard business hours- so will we.

Why Choose Our IT Support?

Opting for our IT support services extends far beyond simply resolving technical issues; it signifies the beginning of a collaborative partnership dedicated to nurturing educational innovation and fostering growth within the UK. Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs and aspirations of your institution, enabling us to provide tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your educational objectives. With our proactive support, we anticipate and address challenges before they escalate, ensuring a smooth technological experience. Moreover, our strategic planning capabilities are designed to future-proof your educational environment, keeping you ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By choosing us, you’re not just selecting an IT service provider; you’re gaining a dedicated ally committed to enhancing the educational journey at your school, college, or university

Additional Benefits Of IT Support For Schools

Enhanced Educational Opportunities

Advanced IT support can facilitate access to a wider range of educational resources and tools, such as virtual field trips, online libraries, and interactive learning platforms. This broadens the educational experience beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

Customised Learning Experiences

With the right IT infrastructure, schools can offer more personalised learning experiences. This includes adaptive learning programs that tailor educational content to individual student needs and learning styles.


Flexible working

Redsquid delivers flexible, tailored IT support for schools, offering everything from part-time to on-demand assistance. Our experts ensure your technology is secure, efficient, and up-to-date, freeing you to focus on education. Discover how our customisable IT solutions can support your school by contacting us today

Supports Special Educational Needs

IT support plays a crucial role in customising educational experiences to support pupils with special educational needs. Through adaptive technologies and software, IT support ensures that learning materials are accessible to all pupils, including those with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabilities. This inclusivity enables personalised learning paths, ensuring every pupil has the tools and support needed to succeed academically.

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We have been supporting schools, providing technical support for more than 20 years! We are here to make a difference to your school and it’s pupils, and we strive to do so every single day.

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Your Managed Service Partner through the digital transformation

We are committed to making a meaningful impact in your educational institution through advanced technology. Our goal is to equip your school with the necessary tools and technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity, all while optimising costs. By managing and streamlining your technological needs, we empower you to focus on what truly matters in education: nurturing minds and shaping the future. Let us handle the tech, so you can dedicate your attention to providing an exceptional learning experience for your students.

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About IT Support

IT support in education involves managing and maintaining the technology infrastructure of a school, college, or university. This includes hardware, software, networks, data security, and providing technical assistance to educators and students.

Effective IT support is vital for the smooth operation of educational institutions. It ensures reliable access to digital resources, enhances teaching and learning experiences, supports administrative functions, and maintains cybersecurity.

IT support enables the integration of advanced teaching tools, such as interactive whiteboards and online learning platforms. It facilitates a more engaging and interactive learning environment, catering to various learning styles.

Absolutely. IT support is crucial for setting up and maintaining the infrastructure needed for remote or blended learning, ensuring students and teachers can connect and access educational materials from anywhere.

IT support teams often provide training for teachers on using new technology and software. This includes how to integrate digital tools into their teaching and how to use educational platforms effectively.

IT support implements robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive student and staff data. This includes firewalls, anti-virus software, regular data backups, and compliance with data protection laws.

Yes, it includes the upkeep, repair, and upgrading of all hardware and software. This ensures that all technological tools and systems are up-to-date and functioning correctly.

IT support teams play a key role in strategic planning for technology upgrades and integration in schools. They assess current technology needs and make recommendations for future investments.

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