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Redsquids gateway security solution is designed to safeguard your business against online security threats by enforcing company security policies and filtering malicious internet traffic in real-time. Our web gateway solution is easy to both manage and maintain, giving you the flexibility to scale this solution to your business needs. By adding gateway security you will be able to detect and prevent cyber attacks before they do any damage, and in turn protect your employees, data, and organisation from evolving cyber-attacks.


Our Gateway Security Solution In a Nutshell

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Prevent Cyber Attacks

Detect and prevent cyber attacks before they can do any damage to your business. Cyber attacks can be hard to recover from and additionally create fatal consequences for your business.

Monitor & Log Activity

Keep track of what is happening on your premises, as well as in the cloud. With this solution you can monitor every web transaction, to gain visibility and hereafter react on the information.

Minimize Management

Our solution is easy to both manage and maintain. The flexibility makes it easy for your business to scale up (and down) for the security whenever needed.

Protect Your Employees

A secure web gateway will protect your devices, no matter where your employees are working from. 
Make it possible to work with peace of mind, knowing that all internet traffic is secure. Additionally this solutions ensures that the same security policies applies anywhere. 

Protect Your Data

Our solution prevents your data from being leaked or even stolen from a third party. As a result it acts as a first line of defense, from both internal and external threats. Therefore making it a crucial line of defense to keep your data safe. 

Real-time Analysis

A secure gateway can inspect traffic in real-time. Analyse if any web traffic goes against company policies and additionally ensure that inappropriate traffic is blocked. By allowing real time data, you can take the necessary decisions to make sure your business is protected. 

Additional Benefits Of Our Gateway Security Solution

Anywhere, anytime, any device

As workforces become more distributed and works from home, security solutions needs to offer protection everywhere.
Our gateway security solution offers the same security policies on all devices whether they are in the office or not. 

Protect Your Business

Unfortunately cyber attacks have become more common, and businesses are therefore reliant on protecting their operations from attacks and malicious malware. 

Our gateway security solution will protect your business from both internal and external threats, to make sure no data is lost or stolen. 


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Gateway Security

Gateway security is a security solution that protects the network.
It prevents unsecured traffic from entering your internal network, and is also used to protect users from being infected by malicious malware. 

A gateway prevents unauthorised traffic from entering the network in your business.

A gateway only enables the transfer of packets to the networks, whereas the firewall decides which data packets should pass through the network.

A secure web gateway provides protection against cyber threats by enforcing company security policies and filtering malicious internet traffic.

A mail gateway analyses and enables incoming or outgoing email traffic, to pass through the network to or from a user’s email inbox.

A gateway is a device that joins together two different networks, e.g. a router.
A firewall is a filter that examines packets against a set of defined rules in order to decide whether or not to allow the packets through.

Every business need gateway security to prevent unauthorised traffic from entering your network. Otherwise attacks could possibly end in a breach in security.

Gateway security is important to all business as it is there to ensure your business is protected against cyber-attacks.

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