Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is an important factor of any robust cyber security strategy. Redsquids dark web monitoring service ensures that you are alerted if your business’s domain credentials are leaked and put up for sale before they are found by hackers. Our automated solution is designed to continually scan the Dark Web so that we can identify and quickly react to any leaks as a high priority. Don’t wait for hackers to find your data – stay ahead of the curve with our reliable dark web monitoring solution.

Dark Web Scan Solution

Our Dark Web Monitoring Solution In a Nutshell

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Automated & Manual

Although it’s impossible to survey the whole of the Dark Web, we cover as possible. We use both automated checks – using scanner bots to analyse data dumps- and manual checks where our specialised team will scan the Dark Web for your credentials.


We handle every leak as a high priority, providing you the best SLA’s. 
When a leak is determined, we contact you with an action plan to minimise damage and creating a safe outcome.

No password resets

Password re-sets can be frustrating for many organisations and very difficult to administrate. With our solution, we will determine when a leak has happened and only then would passwords have to be changed.

Want to check if your data is on the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an encrypted part of the internet which can only be accessed by a specialised browser like Tor (The Onion Router). Furthermore, these browsers cannot be tracked making the Dark Web a haven for illegal activity, like selling sensitive data. Therefore, when a business has a cyber-security leak, you will quickly find that their confidential details such as usernames and passwords are sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web.

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Additional Benefits Of Our Dark Web Scanning

Results in 24 hours !

We complete the initial scan in 24 hours to understand the state of your organisation. Thereafter you will be delivered the results immediately, and together we determine the implications and next steps. 

We have never conducted a scan and not found a leak! 

Scan domain names

We scan the Dark Web for all your organisation’s domain names, to determine the full extent of potential leaks. By doing so, emails, user names, passwords, and anything else related to the domain names will be flagged.

Cyber Essentials


With over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and Managed Services, we make sure that all our customers and their organisations stay as safe as possible. 

In 2021 we won the award ‘Best SME Managed Service Customer Solution’ for the cyber security solutions we have implemented with our customers. With a personalised approach and a large team of engineers, you can be sure that we will protect your business too!

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Dark Web Scan

A Dark Web Scan solution creates a way for organisations to check if their credentials are available and for sale on the dark web.

A Dark Web Scan is completely safe when conducted by a Managed Service Provider. Our team on experienced engineers have the necessary tools to conduct the scans in a way that only looks for credentials and other confidential information.

A Dark Web Scan, scans the Dark Webs encrypted sites, to look out for, and find all information associated to a domain or key word.

A Dark Web Scan solution is a security measures you can put in place for an extra layer of protection for your organisation. 

By having this solution in place, any cyber attacks can potentially be prevented before they even have a chance of obtaining the needed information.

The initial scan will take 24 hours. Thereafter, we will constantly be surveying the Dark Web for any information related to your  domain names.

A Dark Web Scan is used to check if an organisations data like usernames and passwords are accessible on the dark web. This would include any employee working within the organisation too.

A Dark Web Scan provides your organisation with an extra layer of security and confidence in their cyber security setup.

The Dark Web is an encrypted part of the internet, which can only be accessed by a Tor browser.

Fully encrypted and with no tracking it is a safe haven for cyber criminals, buying and selling stolen data.

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