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At Redsquid we are all about making a difference to our customers with the use of technology. We are an innovative provider of solutions within IoT, Cyber security, ICT, Data connectivity and Voice solutions. We are here to improve our customers businesses and operations and with the use of technology make them more efficient, increase productivity and reduce costs.


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We have solutions to fit any business and they are all designed to grow with your company, so you can make sure that your business always has just what it needs.

Redsquid's Technology Solutions


IoT is growing rapidly, and we see more and more companies taking advantage of IoT solutions and its technology. Our IoT solutions offers real-time operating systems, environmentally conscious devices and have embedded security features. 
Redsquid’s IoT solutions are flexible, secure, efficient and build for the future!

Cyber Security

Each day we see and hear about new cyber threats damaging businesses and resulting in data breaches that can be hard to recover from. Cyber security is essential to any business and will make sure your business continuity is never compromised.
Our cyber security is scalable, flexible and affordable make sure that your business is always protected. 


Be sure that your company is equip to function the possible way no matter if your employees work from the office, from home or on the go. 
Redsquid’s ICT solutions are scalable and created to grow with your company to make sure to always meet the needs of your business and your customers.

Data Connectivity

A safe, reliable and high quality connection is crucial for your business to work and perform in the best possible way. At Redsquid we offer different data connectivity solutions so you can be sure to find a perfect match for your business and its needs. We believe in flexible and scalable solutions to make sure that your business always have the right solutions at any time. 


Our voice solution lets you work and seem professional wherever you are. Keep business continuity and improver customer satisfaction with our various voice solutions which can be scaled just after your business needs. 

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