Voice Solutions

Our voice solution lets you work and seem professional wherever you are. Keep business continuity and improver customer satisfaction with our various voice solutions which can be scaled just after your business needs. 


Make sure your business is working as smoothly as possible with voice

Top 10 Benefits of Voice

  1. One number for every device
  2. Empower your employees
  3. Boost productivity
  4. Appear professional wherever you are
  5. Scale when needed
  6. Faster support
  7. Customer analytics
  8. Work from home
  9. Cut costs
  10. Keep sensitive information secure

Redsquid's Voice Solutions


Plan your business continuity, and make sure that both you and your employees can work efficiently whether being in or out of the office. We are introducing our hosted VoIP solution; a cost-efficient solution for any business looking to become more connected and in control of their sales.
It opens up new opportunities for communicating with customers, while allowing businesses to break free of traditional constrictive networks.
It’s an easy, flexible, and affordable way of managing phone calls and staying in-touch.

Business Mobility

Created for the future of workplaces our business mobility solution will innovate the way that your company work. 
As people tend to do everything on their mobiles, businesses needs to adapt and keep up the the latest technologies.
Redsquid helps you streamline your processes; as a result you will see improvements in efficiency, teamwork and your operations. 

SIP Trunks

Powerful SIP trunks solutions for Inbound and Outbound calls are rapidly replacing ISDN services. With our SIP trunk solution we will help your business cut costs while providing a world class service.

Contact Centre

A contact centre has become essential, as a key factor of todays multi-channel customers are that they need instant gratification, and they are impatient to get it. Customers easily jump from channel to channel – and therefore brands are expected to do the same. 
Your business should be available at customer touch-points and additionally offer instant support through live chat, and likewise provide answers on social media.
This solution gives your agents access to past customer behavior so that they can offer a faster, better and more intelligent support.


Our PBX solution help maintaining a smooth communitating for your business, regardless of whether your are calling from the office, from home or if you are halfway around the world. 

Voice Recording

Our voice recording solution helps provide the security and assurance your company needs to conduct its business with confidence. It is flexible and designed to work in whatever way that your business needs them to. The solution can be used in a number of ways; whether it’s monitoring daily performance or additionally storing customer evidence.

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