Business IT Solutions

Ensure your company is equipped with the tools it needs to operate seamlessly, regardless of where your employees may be working. Our business IT solutions offer cutting-edge technology that can be scaled to meet the unique requirements of your organisation and its customers. Drive success with productivity-boosting tools such as cloud technology, Microsoft 365 for business, IT hardware and more. At Redsquid we are commited to guiding businesses through their digital transformation, and do so by offering robust ICT Solutions that are tailored to your company and its success.


Prepare your business for the future and receive some of the many benefits of ICT

Top 10 Benefits of ICT

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Collect and analyze real time data
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
  4. Cut down on cost
  5. Cut operational expenses
  6. Automate processes
  7. Increase up-time
  8. Work from home or on the go
  9. Empower your employees
  10. Save time & money

Redsquid's ICT Solutions


Cloud is the future for businesses and comes with endless benefits. Make sure that your employees can work productively wherever they are, keep your data safe and cut down on carbon emissions at the same time. Our solution is easy to implement into your business, and Redsquid will help your company seamlessly migrate to make sure your business continuity are kept in place. 


Redsquid’s software solution is scalable and can be mixed and matched to find the perfect fit for your business. 
Give your employees the best circumstances to always perform their best, no matter if they are working from home or on the go. All data can be stored in the Cloud to be accessible at all times. Additionally this means your business can cut down on carbon emissions at the same time.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers a complete software package for your organisation to work efficiently while increasing productivity and collaboration. Trough our bundles, we can find the perfect solution to fit your needs, no matter the size of your organisation. We offer a range of different licences which protects, back-up and supports all your data, ensuring you an optimised experience.


Have confidence in your IT systems with our Managed Support solution, knowing help is always just a call away. As your organisation grows, the more difficult it becomes to manage your teams IT in-house. No matter the size of your organisation, our team of experienced engineers can support your entire technology setup. 
We are here to make a difference to you and your organisation. Be confident that we will make a real difference to your organisation too, so you can focus on what is important to you. 


Maintaining and optimizing a business’ IT-infrastructure is one of the most vital parts in running a company as efficiently as possible. 
At Redsquid we equip your company with technology that can be scaled as you grow. We are flexible to make sure that you and your employees always have the best circumstances to perform as well as be productive. 


Hardware is one of the most structurally important things in modern businesses. With every business using a type of hardware daily to complete their day-to-day tasks, ensuring that the equipment is safe and set up correctly, is essential. Hardware can be a headache to set up, fix and buy. Therefore, we do it all for you, offering expert advice and products so you can focus on the things that are important to you! 

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