Redsquid's Penetration Testing Solution

Our penetration testing solution will explore and detect any vulnerabilities in your system, your network and your infrastructure. Threats can be found both from within your organisation, but also from malicious actors. At worst it can end in data breaches. Penetration testing will detect these threats before they become damages to your business, and as a result ensure up-time and business continuity.

Our Penetration Testing Solution In a Nutshell

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Protect Customer Loyalty

Every single occurrence of compromised customer data, can destroy your company’s brand and additionally the trust of customers. Penetration testing allows you to detect and avoid these data breaches before any damage is done.




Data breaches are expensive, and regaining the trust from customers will cost even more. Recuperating from a security flaw takes time and costs, which easily can be avoided by doing regularly testing on your network.

Ensure Business Continuity

Make sure your business is always up and running with network availability. Any disruption will have a negative impact on your business and can end in down-time. As a consequence, your business won’t be able to perform in the given time.



Testing reveals potential risks and threats to your network. This allows you to react and make sure your business does not suffer from unexpected down-time.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Our solution explores and detects existing weaknesses in your system, your network and additionally your infrastructure. Knowing these vulnerabilities – you can react in time.

Protect Your Employees

Actions or habits within your business can lead to malicious infiltration and in worst case, data breaches. Testing explores these threats and additionally report them in time to be prevented.

Additional Benefits Of Our Penetration Testing Solution

Prepare for attacks

Cyber attacks against business devices are on the rise. It’s absolutely crucial that your organization has an effective cyber security plan in place to detect and stop these attacks. Only by doing so can you protect your business.

Reporting System

Penetration testing will deliver a report which informs you on your business security vulnerabilities.
It will tell you what software and hardware improvements you have to consider or what recommendations and policies would improve the overall security.


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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also referred to as pen testing or ethical hacking, it is a simulated cyberattack of your network. During this check it scans for any vulnerabilities.

There are various methods deployed including a passive scan, to identify any available connections to the network. Additionally it can focuse on areas such as authentication, patching and information disclosure.

Penetration testing needs to be done on a regular basis, as new threats continues to come. 

It is very important because it allows a business to identify potential vulnerabilities in its network. These may otherwise not be uncovered with other cyber security measures.

Testing will present risks such as vulnerabilities in a network.

All CREST approved businesses should conduct testing on a regular basis.

Yes you can do testing in Azure, but permission must be obtained.

At Redsquid we perform penetration testing with CREST approved pen testing methods.

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