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By using our Penetration Testing service we can identify, highlight and explore any potential vulnerabilities or security weaknesses within your business critical systems, infrastructure or networks. 
Whilst vulnerabilities can be introduced into systems over time within your organisation, malicious threat actors are developing new methods of exploitation daily. 
Maximum fines for data breaches under the UK GDPR, are set at 4% of your annual global turnover. Ultimately, a confirmed data breach can cause major damages to your business.
By utilising a mixture of Automated Security Testing and Manual Penetration Testing we can detect these threats before they impact your business. This will protect your customers and your business, to ensure trust in your organisation, up-time and business continuity.


Our Penetration Testing Solution In a Nutshell

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Protect Your Brand

Security is a major due diligence consideration that forms a part of every new supplier onboarding process and relationship. If your company does fall victim to a successful data breach it can destroy your company brand and cause irreversible damage to customer relationships and future business.

By conducting regular Penetration Testing you can reassure customers that your business takes security seriously. Ensuring that best practices are implemented and enforced.

Save On

The total cost of a successful data breach becomes very expensive, including costs such as engaging Incident Response specialists, legal specialists, lost revenue, brand damage and many others. For some businesses this can be enough to cause irreversible brand damage.

By performing regular Penetration Testing we can identify any vulnerabilities and security weaknesses allowing you to stay ahead of attackers.

Ensure Continuity

With realistic threats like Ransomware constantly being on the rise, making sure your business is always up and running with network- and resource availability is a full-time job for most infrastructure teams. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure your business is always up and running, with resilient systems and plans in place.

Penetration Testing can help with this as part of a defence in depth approach.



By delivering Penetration Testing you can identify any potential risks or threats to your network, such as unsupported or vulnerable systems. By identifying these systems, you can not only mitigate any threats; increasing up-time and resilience but also identify if any legacy systems have an impact on day to day operations.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing doesn’t just identify weaknesses in critical business systems and infrastructure. It also provides these findings with context to your business. This allows you to develop a Vulnerability Management strategy, tailored to your business and remediate and mitigate findings quickly- before an attacker can.

Protect Your Employees

The majority of data breaches originates from an external attacker, gaining access via a compromised user account or insecure system. This makes it vital that the services your employees use are secure and that staff are educated on common and emerging threats. Penetration Testing can help with this by testing the security of in place services, or even designing bespoke phishing campaigns to test how your users would react to a realistic phishing scenario.

Pen Testing Summed Up!

Need to know more about Pen Testing? Our latest animation covers everything you need to know about the solution and how it can help your business become secure.

We answer the main question… What is penetration testing & how can it help your organisation? Have a watch!

Additional Benefits Of Our Penetration Testing Solution

Prepare for attacks

Cyber attacks are constantly on the rise and data breaches now occur daily. Its absolutely crucial that your organisation has an effective Cyber Security and Incident Response plan in place to identify, mitigate and stop these attacks.

If you don’t know where your weaknesses lie- you won’t know how to improve. Penetration Testing can help with this to help you achieve and understand your position with a tailored plan, on how to develop your Vulnerability Management process in the future.

Reporting System

Our Penetration Testing reports deliver a detailed Technical and Management Summary that informs you on the security posture of your business. Furthermore, it provides a contextualised and prioritised list of findings and vulnerabilities for effective remediation and mitigation.

Our reports will inform you on current best practices, software and hardware issues, considerations and further improvements on how to harden services and improve your security posture.


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What is Pen Testing & how can it help your organisation?

Our Pen Testing blog has all the answers you need to improve your cyber security.

Cybercriminals target weak points in your cyber security profile and will poke at your most vulnerable components. By highlighting the weak points in your cyber security offer you can reinforce and bolster security efforts.

Read our more in-depth explanation of the solution, including how it works and the many benefits it can bring to your organisation.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also referred to as Pen Testing or Ethical Hacking, it is an authorised simulated cyber attack, against a particular target system or network which is delivered by a qualified security testing specialist. It is designed to evaluate the security of the in-scope systems for any security weaknesses or potential vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing utilises a mixture of automated toolkits and manual testing and exploitation techniques delivered by a qualified security consultant to test the in-scope systems for potential vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing suppliers often use a tailored Methodology depending on the type of device or system that they are using focusing on various threat vectors such as Authentication, Patching, Secure Configuration and many other vulnerability types.

The frequency of testing is always relevant to the risk posed by the system and if there are any specific governance, risk or compliance drivers relevant to the organisation, or their services.

Industry best practice recommends that at a minimum security testing is delivered annually by a certified 3rd Party Penetration Testing specialist, although there are lots of benefits to testing more regularly than this.

Penetration Testing is one of the most comprehensive and effective methods of identifying vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. It is now a major requirement and recommendation in most global compliance and data security standards to test for potential vulnerabilities.

Security risks and potential weaknesses for businesses has increased as new technology solutions are implemented.

By delivering regular testing, organisations can confirm that core services are secure from known vulnerabilities and that their applications, network and infrastructure are secure from common exploit types.

The short answer is- everyone!

Any business that holds any form of sensitive data is a potential target for an attacker. With Security becoming more and more essential its never too early to start working with a Penetration Testing partner to learn more about your current security posture and how it can be improved.

Yes you can do testing in Azure, but permission must be obtained under Microsoft and Amazon’s Shared Responsibility Model.

To ensure we can provide robust and comprehensive Penetration Testing and Auditing solutions. We have service deliverables for External Infrastructure Testing of Cloud Services and Azure/AWS Security Configuration Review services.

At Redsquid we perform penetration testing with CREST approved pen testing methods.

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