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Whether your employees are working in or out of the office, ensure seamless business continuity with our hosted VoIP solution. Become more connected and in control of your sales, open up new opportunities to engage with customers, and break free of constrictive traditional networks. Our cost-efficient VoIP solution allows you to embrace the freedom of flexible communication within your business and the benefits that come with it.

It’s easy, flexible, and an affordable way of managing phone calls and upgrading your business’s operations.


24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 Support, so we can make sure you always have the support you need with no downtime. 


PBX Features

Call queuing, call transfer and call recording right where you need it with reporting on demand.


Call Queuing

Set up call queuing to make sure you never miss a call, and provide an improved customer experience to your customers. 


Multiple Devices

Flexible and agile, our VoIP is available on all your devices! No matter if you work from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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Your Managed Service Partner through the digital transformation

We are here to make a difference to you with the use of technology, to make sure you have the tools and technologies to make your organisation more efficient and productive while saving on cost. 
We take care of your technologies so you can focus on what is important to you. 

Our Hosted VoIP Solution In a Nutshell

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Answer Anywhere

Hosted VoIP allows employees to answer their calls no matter where they are. With this solution you can answer calls on your landline, and also mobile.

Online Web Portal

With the solution you get access to an online portal where users can change settings, view useful information, and finally listen to call recordings.

Intelligent Handsets

It runs through intelligent handsets which are capable of recording voicemail, playing hold-music, switching lines, and holding contact information.

One Number for Every Device

By implementing this solution you will have just one number for all your devices. Therefore it becomes possible for customers to reach you even when you are away from your desk. Additionally it will bring continuity to your business and operations.

Appear Professional Everywhere

As a result of this solution your business will always appear professional, regardless of whether your business holds 1 or 100 employees. Hence you’ll receive one official landline number, whether you own a landline handset or not.

Receive The Freedom to Work

It is a flexible phone system designed to help your business to operate more efficiently. It will offer employees an easier experience, with far more freedom. With just one number your staff can work efficiently whether they’re working in or outside the office.

Additional Benefits Of Our Hosted VoIP Solution

Save Time and Money

You will save money by removing the need for line rental and furthermore avoid any upfront costs. With VoIP you won’t need any onsite support and avoid hardware investments.

Additionally you will simplify your monthly billing, with predictable and affordable installments. 

A Scalable Solution With Full Support

Our solution is designed to grow alongside your business. It’s therefore easy to upgrade, with a system capable of supporting dozens of numbers.
Predictable costs mean that you can plan ahead, with fewer risks and surprises.
Most importantly we will provide as much support as your business needs, as our expert unified communications team is always here to help.


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At Redsquid we are all about making a difference to our customers with the use of technology. An innovative provider of solutions within IoT, Cyber Security, ICT, Data Connectivity and Voice solutions.
We are here to improve our customers businesses and operations; and with the use of technology make them more efficient, increase productivity and reduce costs. 

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VoIP For Business

Hosted VOIP is a telephone solution designed to grow and work alongside your business. It’s a more flexible way of connecting businesses with their clients and customers as you are providing calls via a VoIP enabled device over the internet.

VoIP stands for : Voice over Internet Protocol 

VoIP provides the means for communication via multiple devices from mobile, desk phone through to computer based calling. Thereby meaning that you can give your customers a more reliable and higher quality service and reduce their waiting times by answering quickly.  

It is method for making and receiving calls over an internet (data) connection, thus making it possible to make and take calls anywhere.

It can be used with a phone and VoIP adapter, Furthermore it can be used with a computer or via your mobile smartphone using certain applications.
With VoIP your employees can take calls where ever they are. 

It is a reliable communication solution overall, but there are certain precautions you’ll need to take to avoid being vulnerable to data breaches. Therefore it is important that your VoIP system is hardened and your calls encrypted.

Yes, calls are traceable if the call is made over the internet without a VPN, or has to transverse the PSTN telephone network at some point on its journey.

A VoIP phone will not work on a standard analogue or ISDN line.
A VoIP phone requires either an IP enabled PBX or IP hosted phone service with an IP internet connection to work.

Wondering If Our Hosted VoIP Solution Could be Right For Your Business?

At Redsquid we know how hard it can be to find just the right solution for you and your business. Therefore all of our solutions can be tailored to fit your business needs. Many of our solutions are scalable, which means you can change them along the way as your needs change. Furthermore you will never pay for more than what you need. 
We want to make a difference to your business. Therefore we constantly do our best to make your business more efficient and reduce costs as the same time. 
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