Redsquid's Ethernet Leased Lines Solution

With ethernet leased lines dedicated to your business, you will be sure that a slow connection never implicates your business again. Equally downloading and uploading speed will bring continuity to your business and make sure that the productivity of your team has the best circumstances.

Our Ethernet Leased Lines Solution In a Nutshell

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Boost Productivity

Having a faster and higher quality connection boosts your employee productivity, as well as motivation. Being unable to access the internet not only prevents tasks from being completed, but will also frustrate your employees.



A leased line is dedicated only to the two points it is connecting and therefore seen as a very secure connection. Along with our firewall solution the security risks becomes very low.

Unlimited bandwidth

For an agreed price your business will receive unlimited data and bandwidth so you never have to worry about usage depending costs. With peace of mind you  and your employees can now use all the data you need.



A leased line is exclusive for your use, and therefore connected directly from your premises to your service provider. This way you can make sure that you will never be disrupted by a bad connection.

Guarantied & Uncontended

Hence the line is exclusively for your use the speed and quality is guarantied and always uncontended. Consequently, use by others will never affect your operations.

Reliability And Speed

Ethernet leased lines means you have equal upload and download speeds. If your business regularly upload large files and furthermore share information with your suppliers, you will quickly benefit from this great advantage.

Additional Benefits Of Our Ethernet Leased Lines Solution

Improved Experience

When your business have a reliable connection and speed, you will receive a better experience while working. For this reason it is likely to upscale productivity.

Improve Your Service

Equal download and upload times will improve many of your business operations. Examples of this could be video conferencing and also VOiP calling. 


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Ethernet Leased Lines

Ethernet leased lines are dedicated fibre optic circuits. They provide an uncontended and symmetrical data connection.   

Ethernet leased lines connect a network provider to a specific premises in order to provide data connectivity.

A leased line is a dedicated connection between your premises and the network. It is uncontended and symmetrical, and offers super-fast speeds and the highest SLAs.
Broadband is not a dedicated connection, it is subject to contention, meaning you will have to share your bandwidth with other users. Additionally it is asymmetric, meaning faster download speeds than upload speeds.

The terms Ethernet and leased line can be used interchangeably. Ethernet is a dedicated connection between your premises and the network. It is uncontended and symmetrical, and as a result it offers super-fast speeds and the highest SLAs.

Leased lines link two sites together whereas MPLS is deployed as a full mesh solution.  

A leased line is uncontended and symmetrical, and offers super-fast speeds as well as the highest SLAs.

Any business needing fast internet speeds, high bandwidth and capacity would benefit from a leased line.

Ethernet is a way of connecting devices together in a wired local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), enabling them to communicate with each other.

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