Vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics is a technology that enables the remote monitoring and management of important vehicle data. Gain a comprehensive perspective of your vehicle fleet with data, such as GPS location, fuel consumption, mileage, and most importantly driver behavior. Our vehicle telematic technology allows you to make data-driven decisions to increase driver safety and fuel efficiency, whilst lowering costs. which allows you to efficiently monitor your vehicles allowing you to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and cut fuel usage. Vehicle telematics solutions have become a must-have for fleet managers wanting to improve operational efficiency and safety.


Our Vehicle Telematics Solution In a Nutshell

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Measure key areas such as driver behaviour, GPS tracking, route optimization, engine health as well as Maintenance. As a result you will have all the data you need to make the best decisions. 


In Control

Monitor and manage your entire fleet of vehicles. Our solution makes it possible for you to monitor all driver and vehicle data in real time.

Real Time Alerts

You will real time alerts, so you can make data driven decisions. Possible alert could be  critical engine health issues and also tell you where to prioritise the repairs for your vehicles.



Monitor the status of your vehicles and collect the data that will allow you to manage them in the most efficient and therefore cost-effective way.

Track Employees

The solution allows you to track key areas of your vehicles. Examples include GPS tracking, fuel usage, mileage, speeding & additionally driver behaviour.



On-board diagnostics are collecting and transmitting data to a secure data management and analytics platform. Importantly you stay on top of GDPR and Privacy rules.

Additional Benefits Of Our Vehicle Telematics Solution

Improve efficiency

Monitor your fleet and make data driven decisions. As a result you will quickly be able to see where efficiency can be improved and additionally cut down on costs. 

Monitor Drivers

Our vehicle telematics solution allows you to track your employees via a GPS, and additionally see driver behaviour on each vehicle. 


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Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle so that you can see all vehicle and driver data in one place.

It measures key areas such as Driver Behaviour, GPS tracking, Route Optimization & Engine Health as well as Maintenance.
It provides real time alerts in order to assist with data driven decisions. These include potential critical engine health issues and also prioritise the repairs for your vehicles.

It is used for Fleet Management to monitor the status of vehicles along with managing them in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Businesses can make data driven decisions and improve efficiency whilst seeing the result of reducing costs.

A device is installed in the vehicle, which gathers information on the GPS location and activity data.  It is then using the on-board diagnostics, and transmits this data to a secure data management and analytics platform. This enables the end user to view this information and consequently make subsequent decisions based on this.

This provides the same solution but specifically focuses on commercial vehicles.

GDPR applies to all telematics data and employers must ensure this is securely protected, and additionally that employees are fully notified of the collection and processing of their personal data.  

Examples include GPS Tracking, Fuel Usage, mileage, speeding & additionally driver behaviour.

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