IoT Business Solutions

IoT is growing rapidly, and we are seeing more and more businesses benefit from IoT technology. That’s why our IoT business solutions are designed around the needs of today’s businesses, offering a range of features from real-time operating systems to energy-efficient devices, which are all secured by in-built security features.

At Redsquid we understand the importance of technology in streamlining operations and driving business growth. Whether it’s a small startup or a large enterprise, our IoT solutions are flexible, secure, environmentally conscious, and future-proof, helping companies enhance operations whilst reducing costs and staying ahead of the competition. 

Internet of Things

Prepare your business for the future and receive some of the many benefits of IoT

Top 10 Benefits of IOT

  1. Collect and analyze real time data
  2. Meet government restrictions
  3. Reduce energy spending
  4. Minimize carbon emissions
  5. Cut operational expenses
  6. Automate processes
  7. Increase up-time
  8. Achieve customer satisfaction
  9. Manage remotely
  10. Save time & money

Redsquid's IoT Solutions

Smart Building

Redsquid’s smart building IoT solution makes you able to know what is happening inside your business. Additionally it tells you what resources are being used and how devices are functioning at any time.
Collect and analyse real-time data so you can automate relevant processes and cut costs. As a result you will also see your business minimizing your carbon emissions, and moving towards a greener future. 

Energy Management

Redsquid’s IoT energy management solutions enables process automation and operational efficiency.  Businesses will see benefits in basically every industry from healthcare to retail and manufacturing. 
IoT grows special attention from businesses and consumers as it holds numerous benefits such as enhanced efficiency, improved security and additionally unprecedented savings for your business. 

Connected Devices

With Redsquid’s connected devices IoT solution, you can collect and analyse all the data that will result in uptime for your business. 
Connected devices enables you to manage and maintain all devices, for both your customers and your business remotely. Moreover you can be sure to increase customer satisfaction. 

Vehicle Telematics

Use vehicle telematics to monitor and track key areas of your vehicles such as: GPS tracking, fuel usage, mileage, speeding & additionally driver behaviour. This allows you to make data driven decisions which improving efficiency and cutting down on costs.

Asset Tracking

Redsquid’s asset tracking solution provide you with full visibility into your business assets. 
Schedule maintenance, receive GPS locations and be able to provide your customers with real time information so you can increase service levels. You will be able to make informed decisions based on accurate data and streamline your processes, while keeping up with compliance regulations. 

Multi-network SIMs

Multi-network SIMs have become a key solution as the world becomes more connected with IoT. Having a reliable connection for your business and employees becomes more important than ever. Additionally it ensures your business continuity.
Redsquid’s IoT multi-network solution keeps you connected with any network and any location, at any time. 

Lone Worker Solutions

Redsquid’s lone worker solution provides your business and your workers with the safety they need to feel secure while performing their jobs.
Know where your workers are at all times, and be able to react quickly with safety processes in place in case of emergencies. 
Our solution protects your workers and your business, by providing safety and security. 

Compliance & Temperature Monitoring

Redsquid’s compliance & temperature monitoring solution allows you to plan for the unforeseen. All data is stored in the Cloud, so your employees can access them of site, and therefore make a data based decision whenever it is needed. You will receive real time alerts if irregularities arise, as well as notifications when its time for health and safety checks. 

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