Redsquid's Awareness Training Solution

Our awareness training solution provides your business with courses, guidance and training of your employees about cyber security. We offer a range of high quality, customisable campaigns for your business to test employees. Furthermore is a range of training materials included which will help improve the security of your business. Additionally it will provide the data of how this improves over time.


Our Awareness Training Solution In a Nutshell

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Easy To Manage

Our solution includes statistics and data. These results will be easy for your IT department to manage, and therefore allows your business to react quickly.



Allow your employees to report emails to your IT department. By educating your employees in how to spot threats and react quickly, your business will prevent potentially disastrous data leaks.

Real Life Training

We use real life situations to educate your business and your employees in how to spot phishing emails. Additionally we educate your employees in how to handle threats, and make sure that they are equipped.

Customisable Training

We tailor simulated phishing campaigns with customisable landing pages and scenarios for your business. This makes the training relatable to your employees. Additionally we can train your employees in different kinds of attacks including: phishing emails, voice and text messaging.

Reports & Analytics

You can access all the data you need via online reports; which in return will show you how well the security is working to protect your organisation. By doing this your business will receive all the information it needs to be able to react and optimise processes.

Track Employee Progress

Redsquid’s awareness training includes an easy user management experience. Meanwhile you will be allowed to track your employees training. By having this information you will know where to put additional focus and make further improvements.

Additional Benefits Of Our Awareness Training Solution

Minimize human error

We will make your employees more conscious with engaging training.  Most importantly we will educate them in cyber attacks and the threats that comes with it. Furthermore we make sure that the training is done in an engaging way with relatable examples. 

Stop Phishing attacks

At Redsquid we make sure that your business and your employees are prepared. Awareness training will equip your business with the tools needed when faced with cyber threats. As a result you can be sure that your employees will know how to handle it. 


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Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a way that businesses can be educated with their employees. By doing the training you can be sure that they will know how to handle the cyber threats they face.

It is important because it allows you to reduce the potential of suffering from a security breach. By doing so your business will be equipped to face cyber threats and therefore less likely to get damaged. 

With our awareness solution your employees will be educated on for example, how to spot a phishing e-mail. As a result your employees will know how to deal with threats.

Businesses face cyber threats on a daily basis. Therefore your business needs training to reduce the potential of suffering from a security breach. As a result of this training your employees will be better equipped in handling threats. 

Phishing is a social engineering attack where an attacker masquerades as a trusted entity. As a result they trick a victim into opening an email; a SMS (Smishing); a or phone call (Vishing). Consequently they can steal user data or obtain sensitive information about that person or company.  

You should make sure that your company’s network is secure. Furthermore any business should remember to educate users on cyber threats; which ultimately will result in data security.

Cybersecurity is the practice where you as a result protect your systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

Make sure you have a full understanding of your network and additionally that any vulnerabilities are dealt with.

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