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IT hardware plays a critical role in the running and continuity of modern businesses. Everyday organisations around the world rely upon hardware to complete everything from day to day tasks to big projects, making the set up of your equipment and its safety essential. At Redsquid we understand that hardware can be a headache to set up, fix when something goes wrong, and buy in the first place. Our IT hardware solution is designed to take this burden off your shoulders by offering expert advice and the latest products to keep your business running smoothly.

Redsquid Hardware Solution

Our Hardware Solution In a Nutshell

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From start to finish, we will prepare your devices and deliver them ready to use. You can operate as usual whilst one of our trained professional set up your new devices quickly and efficiently.


We know that every business is different and requires different hardware to function efficiently.By getting to know you, we will recommend the perfect solution to fit your needs.

safe &

Security is our top priority, and we can set all your devices up with security solutions to make sure your organisation stay safe.

of mind

Get peace of mind knowing we are ready to help and support your organisation with any issues you might come by. We take care of all the support of your devices, so you can carry on at all times.

Trained professionals

We have a team of engineers with over 20 years of experience in security and hardware. Our specialists are here to assist you along the way, from purchasing to installation and security policies.


All our hardware comes with a minimum of 12-month warranty. This covers everything from phones to laptops and desktops. Moreover, some hardware products will come with extended warranties.

Additional Benefits Of Our Hardware Solution

On Site survey

We understand that each business is unique and requires tailored hardware solutions to maintain functionality. If required, our engineers will do a site survey of your office, to get a better understanding of your needs. 

Expert advice

Our expert advice gives you the freedom to explore options with a trained professionals, who will advise you on the best and essential hardware to aid your business. 

Leave it to us for a stress free solution! 

Cyber Essentials

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With over 20 years of experience, we constantly source the market for the best and most coefficient devices, designed to improve your daily productivity! With our hardware solution, you simply let us know what you are looking for, and we will send it right to your address setup, installed and ready to use! 

Do you have security policies on all company devices? Why not pair your hardware with our security solutions, created to keep you safe & secure.

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about IT Hardware

Hardware is the physical device, such as a laptop or phone. Software is the internal part of the device which runs applications and allows you to use your device correctly.

Equipment is prone to breaking and can easily be damaged. A warranty allows you to have peace of mind, knowing your device is covered and will be replaced or repaired for free within the warranty.

We only sell certified devices from certified wholesalers. This means that your equipment is safe and protected. 

When purchasing phones or laptops, we ensure that each of them are up-to-date and preinstalled with the latest patches before delivery.

Ready to use straight out the box!

All organisations are unique and require different devices, to enable them to do the job they need to do. We can conduct a survey of your office, to ensure you get the equipment your organisation needs.

If your device is covered by our warranty, we will sort everything out for you. We arrange for a repair or replacement of the device right away.

Give us a call on 020 8166 4540 to talk about everything Hardware, and we promise to find the perfect solution for you!

Hardware is the device which enables you to access your data and files while conducting your daily tasks. 
The right hardware will make your organisation more efficient and productive to set your team up for success! 

Wondering If Our IT Hardware Solution Could be Right For Your Business?

Faults and set ups are incredibly time consuming and difficult to do. It can become a very time consuming tasks, that can take days, or even weeks without satisfying results. We will take all that off your hands so you can focus on what is important to you, rather than technical difficulties. Our team of specialists, streamline the entire process, from ordering to setting up, ensuring all your hardware is safe and ready to use. 

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