Business Connectivity Solutions

A safe, reliable and high quality connection is crucial for all businesses looking to perform efficiently. At Redsquid, we understand the significance of reliable data connectivity and how it can transform your businesses operations. From ethernet leased lines to MPLS newtworks and fibre broadband, we will find the perfect data connectivity solution for your business and its needs. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing you to tailor them so that your business has the solution its needs at all times.

Data Connectivity

Implement data connectivity to make sure you can uphold business connectivity

Top 10 Benefits of

Data Connectivity

  1. Unify your offices
  2. Cut down on costs
  3. Manage your business in the Cloud
  4. Simplify operations
  5. Reliable connectivity
  6. Boost productivity
  7. High qualitative video conferencing
  8. Improve customer experience
  9. A fixed monthly price
  10. Improve uptime

Redsquid's Data Connectivity Solutions

Ethernet Leased Lines

With ethernet leased lines dedicated to your business, you will be sure that a slow connection never implicates your business again. 
Equally downloading and uploading speed will bring continuity to your business and make sure that the productivity of your team has the best circumstances. 


Redsquid’s SD-WAN solution lets you connect all your business’  offices, remote sites and data centres under one Cloud based solution. 
Improve application performance, increase agility and optimize user experience by simplifying operations with automation and Cloud based management. 

MPLS Networks

With Redsquid’s MPLS networks solution your business can consolidate its offices and assets into just one simplified system. It is a simple solution which unifies all your offices and makes communication and collaboration easy. At the same time your business will cut down on cost and save space on unnecessary equipment, by implementing our MPLS networks solution.


Make sure that your business has a reliable and high-quality broadband connection to meet customer expectations, boost productivity and give your employees the best prerequisites when working online. 

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points (WAP or AP) are stand alone connectivity points which spreads the internet connection around a workspace or building. No matter how powerful your internet line is, if you are based in a large office, you will probably need access points to ensure sufficient and reliable connectivity across the whole workspace. Wireless Access Points creates a strong connection, evenly distributed around your office.

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