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Cloud technology is the future of business and comes with endless benefits. Our cloud technology solution keeps your data secure, integrated, and accessible within your organisation. Ensure your businesses continuity is maintained by allowing your employees to work more seamlessly and productively whether they be working at home, in the office or on the move. By taking advantage of cloud based technology, you can reduce your businesses overall carbon foot print by lowering your need for data centers, printouts and other materials which can all be accessed and stored on the cloud. At Redsquid, we offer a scalable and flexible cloud solution that can be seamlessly migrated onto the cloud. This is backed by our specialised team who is dedicated to providing you with support to ensure your businesses operations run smoothly whilst using the cloud.


Our Cloud Technology Solution In a Nutshell

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Increase Collaborations

By migrating to the Cloud, you and your employees can work seamlessly wherever they are. It becomes possible to increase collaboration and productivity by giving your employees the tools they need. Additionally you can allow for real-time collaboration and keep documents easier to control.

Reduce Carbon

Cloud services requires less physical servers. This will allow your business to get rid of data centres, and cut down on printouts as your team members can access files directly online. As a result you will save both resources and paper; which then will result in a reduction of your carbon footprint.

Work From Home

Never again will you or your team be unable to work because you forgot a file at work. Access your files from all devices, no matter if you are in the office, at home or in another country. With our Cloud services you will always be on, no matter where you are.

Work/Life Balance

Our solution lets your employees work productively no matter where the are. Consequently this means that you can access all work files; even if the kids have to be picked up or you are working from a beach halfway around the world.

Improve Security

The Cloud provides your business with better security than your on-sight servers. We make sure that your data is always protected so you avoid any down-time, and keep business continuity.



Keep control over all your documents and be sure that nothing will get into the wrong hands. The Cloud will streamline your business practices, and manage which documents can be edited, shared or viewed by which user.

Additional Benefits Of Our Cloud Technology Solution

Scalable & Flexible

Scale up and down whenever you need it.
The flexibility of the Cloud, allows your solution to grow alongside your business.

Stay Safe

Cloud services provides your business with the best security to secure your data. 
As a result you will no longer have to worry about meltdowns or other disasters. Know that our solution keeps your data safe, so your business can uphold continuity. 

Cyber Essentials
Cloud Backup

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Cloud Back Up!

The safest place to store your organisations data is in the Cloud. As our customers are going trough the digital transformation, we are also migrating them to the Cloud to keep their organisation and data protected. 

Should the disaster happen, and your organisation experience a security breach – Cloud Backups will have you up and running again in no time. Ultimately, should your data be stolen or hold for ransom, you will always have a copy for yourself that will keep your business continuity up!

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About The Cloud

It is the on-demand availability of computer system resources. 
To clarify, the term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet

The original vision was automated, on-demand services that scale dynamically. This is now a reality, but it doesn’t happen on its own.
Furthermore the automation is complex and requires specialized tools and expertise.

Firstly the information and data is stored on physical or virtual servers. Secondly these are maintained and controlled by a cloud provider.
As a result, a personal or business user can access stored information on the ‘cloud’.

For small and midsize businesses, the benefits of cloud computing are endless, and consequently cloud computing saves businesses time and money.

To recommend the best solution for you, we’ll have a discovery session with your team. This will allow us to talk you through several options. 

It is enabling many businesses access to application software over a high-speed internet connection. As a result they won’t need to invest in computer software and hardware.

Yes it can, but hackers usually want the most information for the least effort. This means they will likely attack the heart of a cloud storage service rather than its individual users. At Redsquid we work with Microsoft Azure and Iland whose data security is robust and reputable, so you know your data is secure.

Cloud services offers you the possibility of storing your files and furthermore accessing and retrieving them from any web-enabled interface.

All files stored on secure cloud servers benefit from an enhanced level of security. 

Wondering If Our Cloud Technology Solution Could be Right For Your Business?

At Redsquid we know how hard it can be to find just the right solution for you and your business. Therefore all of our solutions can be tailored to fit your business needs. Many of our solutions are scalable, which means you can change them along the way as your needs change. Furthermore you will never pay for more than what you need. 
We want to make a difference to your business. Therefore we constantly do our best to make your business more efficient and reduce costs as the same time. 
Are you interested in what we can do for you with our solutions? Get in touch, or leave us a message so we can get back to you. 

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