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Firewalls are a critical element of any strong cyber security strategy. Our firewall solution serves as a first line of defense against cyber attacks by identifying and analysing malicious traffic before it can damage your network. Our business firewall solution protects your whole network, giving you greater disaster recoverability and insights into where your business faces the most risk. Safeguard your business today with a firewall solution that protects you from potential data breaches and hacker infiltrations, whilst saving you costs in the process.


Our Firewalls Solution In a Nutshell

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Disaster Recovery

New cyber attacks are being released daily, and no business is protected 100%. Our firewall solution helps prevent attacks by detecting them in time, and additionally makes up for a quick recovery in case of any downtime.

Monitor Threats

Our firewall solution gives you access to detailed reports on the threats your business face. By analysing these reports, you will know where your business face risks, and therefore be able to react in time.



Inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic to detect and prevent unauthorised access to your network. By having all the data, you will know exactly where to take action.

Prevent Data Breaches

Protect your network from malicious traffic and prevent data breaches as a result. Data breaches will damage your brand and customer trust, making it crucial for business to avoid.

Prevent Hackers

Without firewalls your network could be infiltrated by hackers who then use is to send out virus. Firewalls are therefore essential to protect your business and data.



Data breaches are expensive and will damage your brand as well as customer loyalty. Firewalls prevents this by protecting your network while also increasing up-time and business continuity.

Additional Benefits Of Our Firewall Solution

Protect your business

All businesses, whether small or large, require a firewall to protect their network and consequently safe from data breaches.   

Increase up-time

Improve your business performance by protecting your network and increase up-time. 


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A firewall is a software or network security device that monitors network traffic. It uses a filter that examines packets against a defined set of rules, in order to decide whether or not to allow the packets through.

Firewalls are very important because they inspect both incoming and outgoing traffic. By doing so preventing unauthorized access to your network.

Yes, all businesses, whether small or large require a firewall to protect their network and to be safe from data breaches.   

Firewalls are essential to protect your network, however they can not guarantee that the network won’t be hacked.
A firewall primarily help protect against malicious traffic, not against malicious programs. 

They can monitor all traffic in and out of your network. This can help identify malware and thereafter preventing it. But they cannot protect from an inside attack from within your organisation.  

At Redsquid we partner with Sophos and Fortinet to provide you the best possible security for you and your business.

They are highly important to protect your network, and make sure it is always safe and secure. 

Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to your network.
This ensures your business can continue to function as normal. 

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