Remembering Redsquid’s 2018

For us, the start of a new year means looking forward to the future by remembering the accomplishments of the past. With almost £10,000 collectively raised for charity, 2018 was possibly our best year yet. So, let’s start tooting our own horn, and raving about every fantastic thing we achieved last year.

We Landed a Huge Deal with Pinnacle

Starting the year off on a high, our Sales Director, Nick Grime, and CEO, Sohin Raithatha, finalised our largest ever deal with property management business, Pinnacle. Signing almost 1000 of their users onto our network, Sarah Russell, Group Procurement Manager, was very pleased by how we handled their transfer: “The whole process was completed so quickly and efficiently, we were really impressed.”. Sohin was also incredibly happy with how smooth and speedy the whole process was and recognises it as the continuation of a very bright future for Redsquid.


Held a YMCA Work Experience Week

As a follow-up to the work we’ve done over the last three years to help support young adults, we provided a group of YMCA young people with the opportunity to gain some work experience at Redsquid. In March, we welcomed several promising young individuals to learn about how our employees fulfil their job roles, and gain essential career skills such as customer communication and problem solving. With friendly interactions and a heaping pile of pancakes, it seemed that the group really enjoyed themselves, so much so that three of the volunteers asked after applying for apprenticeships in the future.

Sohin Successfully Trekked Across Antarctica for Charity

After tackling the Himalayas the year before, Sohin decided that his next battle would be with the extreme cold of Antarctica, in order to raise yet more money for One YMCA’s Watford Orbital Community Centre. The epic journey took him from South America to the South Pole, where he hiked and camped across the frigid snow to successfully raise a stonking £4,771! With this spectacular feat, the CEO of One YMCA, Guy Foxell, and the Chair of Trustees, Andrew Newel, commended Sohin for contributing a record-breaking amount to the charity.

We Formed Our Very Own Charity Committee

To bolster and unify our efforts to give back, we decided to form our very first charity committee. Having chosen a local charity, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, as our company charity of choice, the committee have successfully held several events over the past 9 months, including; three separate quiz nights, a cyclathon, and many boot and bake sales, which added up to an impressive £3,500!

Our Staff Took on the Tough Mudder Challenge

A group of our bravest and boldest squids tested their metal at this year’s Tough Mudder course, successfully completing a gruelling 10-mile endurance test through freezing water, over hulking obstacles, and under twisted nets. This incredible effort was a combination of a solid training regime and amazing co-operation on the day, and we’re very proud of what they achieved.

We Completed our Office Expansion

In anticipation of new employees and a potential acquisition, we’ve expanded our office space by a whopping 2000 ft this year. Creating more room for hot-desking and removing Sohin’s office (as he has now moved to hot-desking himself), and an additional meeting room, the construction work we’ve completed is sure to prove invaluable. On top of this, we’ve also redesigned and refurbished our recreation and kitchen area, which now includes a pool table and beer fridge for those relaxing Friday afternoons with the team.

 Families Had Their Day at Redsquid

To celebrate the above expansion, we held our very first family day in August, inviting our employees to bring along their loved ones to our office for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. We wanted to provide an opportunity for our staff’s families and friends to better understand exactly how they contribute to the company. It was a grand success, with lots of delicious food & drink, as well as entertainment for the children.

Adrienne Watt Became Our New Operations Director

Finally, this year we had the pleasure of appointing Adrienne Watt as our new Operations Director, and we’ve already begun feeling the benefits. Adrienne has been making some fantastic changes to how our employees work and has injected a significant amount of positivity and energy into the office. We look forward to seeing what other great ideas Adrienne implements for our staff and customers next year.

Our Team Won Big at the Hertfordshire Business Awards

To top the year off, we were invited to the Hertfordshire Business Awards after being nominated for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of our charity committee and Sohin, we returned home victorious, and obviously we’re absolutely chuffed about it. So, a huge well done to everyone who helped with our charity projects this year.

After such a successful 2018, we have to thank our customers for choosing our services, because without their support we wouldn’t have a business to celebrate. So we wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

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