Redsquid's 2020 Round Up

As we approach the end of a year like no other, we look back at the 2020 to reflect on everything that happened within our offices.
And what a year it has been! Even though it has been tough with a lot of change in both business and our private lives- it ends on a positive note and 2021 is definitely looking bright. 


In March we celebrated the women at Redsquid

As we celebrated International Women’s Day, we interviewed some of the great talent we have at Redsquid. Have a look or re-read of what Sarah, Amber & Jane had to say about gender equality and women working within technology.


We donated books and computers for children

In March we celebrated World Book Day by donating hundreds of books to The Children’s Book Project. 
They quickly distributed the books around to local schools, who then handed them out to the children who needed it the most. During lockdown we could help once again by donating laptops to the charity ‘Keep Kids Connected’ who gave them to children who were in need of technology to be able to study from home. 


Then came lockdown..

Eventually UK went into lockdown like every other country and we shut down Redsquid’s offices. Quickly our entire organisation settled into remote working and we kept the team spirit going with Friday drinks on Teams. We were very fortunate to be in an industry that have had a minimal impact compared to others and as our CEO stated :

“Virtually empty office at Redsquid – all employees set up to work safely and remotely from home to carry on supporting our customers. Pleased to be in an industry where we have been able to help new and existing customers this week with technology to enable remote working. Here’s hoping the government really go out of their way to support sectors that really need help over the coming weeks and months.”

We worked to help our customers and make sure that they had the best circumstances to still be efficient and productive while WFH. Furthermore we gave back by offering charities Unlimited Mobile Broadband, so more people could stay connected on Zoom/Teams while apart. 


We did webinars throughout the year

Through the last 12 months we have done webinars on Cyber Security, AI and the future of the contact centre. This will  continue next year, so make sure you sign up when they come! 

22 years anniversaries and big promotions!

We celebrated some very big anniversaries this year, although its a bit funny to find both 20 and 22 years anniversaries in a 14 year old company! After Redsquid merged with Ridgeway last year we also got some great people on our team, and just because a company name changes does not mean that anniversaries must be forgotten. 

Adi our Operations Director got promoted to Sales Director, and Paul got a new title as Regional Operations Director.


We launched a new website

In the middle of the summer we launched our new website. As Redsquid has grown, we needed a new website to reflect who we are as a company. Now you can find all our solutions from Cyber Security to IoT- every technology that businesses will need to stay productive, innovative and efficient, no matter if they are working from home or in the office.  

The team kept growing

Our team has grown again and we have had the opportunity to get some great new employees to add to our team. We are still hiring and will add more of the best talent to our team in 2021. 


Mental Health was a big focus through out the year

Lockdown can be difficult for everyone, so we’ve had a focus on mental health among our team. We celebrated mental health day with a calming goodie bag, had Friday drinks to catch up while apart and we walked all of November to be sure to exercise and get some sunlight during lockdown vol. 2. At last we had the change to celebrated halloween together with a little friendly competition and some much needed catch up among our team members. 

Now supplying IoT to the NHS

We’re ending 2020 on a big high and are really proud that Redsquid can be a part of the solution. We are now supplying IoT technology to monitor the temperature of the Covid-19 vaccine for West Herts NHS, while continuing technology talks to other hospitals.

After such an unusual year we want to thank all of you who have chosen us as your solutions provider. We hope that 2021 will be a year where we can all meet again. Until then- we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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