How VOIP Connects your Business

There’s never been a better time for businesses to stay connected to their customers. There are countless ways for your customers to reach you; whether by email, webchat or website forms, but phone calls continue to reign supreme in both quality and overall customer experience. For many, nothing really beats being able to hear another person’s voice, especially on matters involving spending money.

But everyone’s already aware of the importance of telephones, so why am I pointing this out? Because we’re going to be talking about VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol; what it is, how it can help your business become better connected, and how you can get it.


The Modern Phone System

The way that phone calls work has changed quite a lot over the years. Since its invention in 1876, the telephone has come a long way and is now capable of doing some pretty amazing things. Originally, phones ran on analogue lines; this meant that a call was made by establishing a continuous and smooth connection over a single circuit. When digital phones came along, those continuous transmissions became more flexible; allowing for a much more reliable and sustainable signal.

VOIP, on the other hand, runs on an Internet Protocol signal. IP, unlike analogue or Digital signals, builds its connection in a series of ‘data packets’. Rather than attempting to establish and hold one continuous connection, IP sends the data across in small amounts. This means that the signal is under less strain, and therefore the quality of the call is far better.

So what does this all mean to you?

In essence, this makes it almost impossible for you to miss a call


Welcome to Telephone Freedom

Most business phone systems run on a digital PBX (Private Branch Exchange); that’s the hardware that switches outside calls over to the right person, which requires every handset to be connected to a particular slot. Whereas IP PBX is like a standard internet router; you can plug any phone into any slot and it’ll work just as intended. Meaning that office layouts are no longer tied to where each phone needs to plug in, rather to wherever you want them to be. This also means that employees are able to take their handsets home, plug them in, and become immediately connected.

This freedom extends beyond just your handsets. With VOIP services like Vodafone One Net and Gamma Horizon, you can have any number assigned to any device. One Net becomes your switchboard; receiving calls and sending them to whatever device you want, and because your phone system is running over broadband, all you need is an internet connection for a device to connect. This means that not only can you receive calls on your handset, but you can also receive them on your mobile and even on a Skype for Business account.

In essence, this makes it almost impossible for you to miss a call, as that one number rings to all your devices; whether handset, mobile or Skype. This opens up a whole new world of business communication, as you’ll no longer be tied down to an office handset to work; imagine taking a business call whilst travelling to a meeting, or receiving calls while working at home. You don’t even need a handset, as your number will ring to your assigned devices regardless of what they are; meaning it always looks like you’ve got an office, regardless of whether you have one or not.


A Service With Substance

Furthermore, VOIP services like One Net offer users a range of features that would otherwise be considered additional expenses.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of VOIP is how much time and money it can save you.

With One Net, users get access to their very own online portal that catalogues all their call information and settings. This means that not only are they able to change what devices their VOIP number rings to, but they’re also able to access call recordings, set up voicemail, hold music, call diverts and monitor the quality of calls. At Redsquid, it’s even possible for us to integrate your One Net or Horizon system with your current CRM, meaning that all that information is automatically filed into your CRM. With a digital set-up, these features would have to be implemented via hardware add-ons or expensive handsets, but with VOIP, they all come with the service as standard.

It’s possible to run VOIP through a variety of ways; either on a specially designed VOIP handset, or on a handset with a VOIP adapter or even on your own desktop. Here at Redsquid, we provide packages that include VOIP handsets or adapters, and Skype for Business (which runs through your desktop or mobile app) comes with our Office 365 packages.


Value for Money

Perhaps the greatest advantage of VOIP is how much time and money it can save you. As previously mentioned, VOIP runs over Broadband, not traditional phone lines, meaning that its costs are dependent on broadband usage. With a VOIP package, you’ll only need to pay a monthly fee, alongside any additional tariff costs. Additionally, you can package your VOIP alongside your internet broadband, into one monthly fee. Not only does this significantly reduce costs, it also puts all your broadband into a single monthly payment; making VOIP the cheaper and easier option.

So that’s VOIP! The telecommunications system that’s finding new ways for businesses to make their calls count. For more information on VOIP services, have a chat with our customer care team.

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