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You may have come looking for Ridgeway Telecom?
Look no further. 
We are still right here in our Ridgeway offices, on the same address and the phone number as always!

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Ridgeway Telecom Have Merged With Redsquid!

In 2019 Redsquid aquired Ridgeway Telecom and we are proud to have become a part of their story! 
This merge have given us the possibility to provide our customers with even more solutions than before. It will benefit you as we now can be a full solutions provider- helping you with all your technology needs and preferences. It makes billing a lot easier- and even cheaper as well. 

What have been most important for us in this process is giving our customers the best service. That is why you can still find us at our usual Ridgeway address and reach us on the same phone number as always. 

Finally we are investing in the Oxford area, and therefore you will find that our team is continuously expanding.
You will probably soon meet some of them in the office or on sight. 


The Story Of Redsquid

Read our story from how it all began, to the merge with Ridgeway.

Charity Work Is A Big Part Of US

Our CSR strategy help us to fulfill our purpose to be ‘making a difference’, and do so through our charities every year. As an organization we are highly committed to do all we can to be making a difference to our customers, our employees and also the world.
In 2018 we formed a charity committee who organizes everything from pub quizz’s to marathons, to raise money and awareness about our chosen charities; big and small – everything counts.

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