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As a leading and award winning Managed Service Provider with over 25 years’ experience, over 800 customers and a speciality in the legal sector- your IT and security systems will be in safe hands with us. 

We have been awarded ‘Reseller of the Year 2021’ and are here to take you through the digital transformation and make sure to deliver a future proof and secure setup, that makes your organisation more efficient, productive and ready to scale. 


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After years of helping legal chambers in the UK, we have developed two packages specialised to the needs and requirements our legal clients have had over the years. This have resulted in two packages: one personalised for Clerks and one personalised for Barristers. 
Our solutions include the option for 24/7 network support, so you can get the support you need at all hours! Designed for the legal industry, we have included our military grade email encryption and  a zero trust security key that makes your organisation fully compliant! With full security, end user training and backups with infinite retention we will secure your organisation – so you can focus on what is important for you. 

Designed to tick all your compliance boxes, these solutions will make sure your Chambers stay safe and secure!



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What's Included

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Legal chambers who rely on Redsquid for IT & Security Solutions

We help businesses of all sizes across across the legal industry. With the growing competition and economic challenges, law firms are now facing a pressure to become more compliant and secure. With regulatory changes and a growing list of data protection and legal guidelines to follow- staying compliant is more time consuming than ever. Pair that with the increase in cyber crime, and the wealth of sensitive data legal firms holds – the risk of attacks are massive.

We always start our process by discussing your organisations requirements and what pain points you experience.  By eliminating these with future proof solutions that will help your organisation become more efficient while saving on costs – we have made a difference to organisations across the UK.

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Redsquid Success Story

How 'Keits' became Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Crime is on a rise and new organisations are targeted every day. We helped Keits Training Services become ‘Cyber Essentials Certified’ so they could focus on running and scaling their business! 

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Making a difference to our customers and our community no matter how big or small is what is at the heart of our business. Everyday we try to achieve our purpose of making a difference; and we are proud to have been recognised both locally and nationally for our achievements. Latest we have been awarded ‘Reseller of the Year’ and ‘Best SME Managed Service Customer Solution’ for the work we have done with the legal sector.