Leased Lines Exclusively For Your Business

Get ready for a new everyday with dedicated internet access just for YOUR business, so your employees can benefit from high speeds and reliable up-times.

Leased Lines For Your Business

Get ready for a new everyday with dedicated internet access just for YOU and YOUR business, so you can benefit from high speeds and reliable up-times.

dedicated internet access just for your business

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Security & Resilience

Lower Ownership Costs

Manage Budgets Easily

Enhanced Communications

Faster Speeds


Our Leased Lines is a dedicated leased line solution which will provide YOUR business with high quality and stable internet for your exclusive use. Be sure that we will find the best, and most cost effective solution to fit your needs. Most of our customers find that we can save them large amounts after shifting to our connectivity solution! 
Get your employees the best tools to be productive and responsive, with equally high downloading and uploading speeds.

Enhanced Efficiency


Our leased lines are exclusive to YOUR business as they are private and dedicated for your business use only. You are guaranteed high quality connection with no downtime and no interruptions. 
You will be able to rely on a high-speed connection that never slows down, even in the busiest times. An internet line that just keeps flowing, with no other traffic to interrupt. We will simplify your networks, and deliver instantly improved quality and speed..

Why Choose Redsquid As Your Leased Line Provider?

Hear It From Our Customers

24/7 Support

Be sure that your business is always connected with our 24/7 guarantied support and dedicated account management! 

Industry Leading SLA's

We are one of the leading providers in the UK for a reason. Our customers comes first and we will keep you connected. 

Scalable & Flexible

We know that businesses change, so our solutions are agile to fit your needs! Make sure that we have a solution to fit any business size. 

Premium Partnerships

We have premium partnerships with the best DIA providers in the UK. Make sure that with premium partnerships come premium quality. 

Industry Experts

We are industry experts and have been giving businesses the best possible connection for over 14 years! 

All Your Communications

With us you can have just ONE provider for all your connectivity! That means easily managed budgets and peace of mind. 

Make sure your business is always connected