Vodafone Announces Full Total Communications Partner List


Redsquid Communications are amongst 14 dealers who have been given Vodafone Total Communications status.

Total Communications is the highest accreditation organisations can receive in Vodafone’s new partner programme, which has been live since the beginning of this year. The status is preceded by three others; ‘Approved,’ ‘Specialist’ and ‘Advance,’ which have all replaced the previous ‘Silver,’ ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ tiers.

This new scheme is designed to place more of a focus upon providing customers with complete unified communications, with Partners being required to demonstrate the ability and expertise to sell across various service segments.

This new Vodafone Partner programme marks an industry shift in the way that Partners are accredited and supported. It has been designed to meet the changing needs of business customers and better promote Partners’ capabilities, introducing new customer support criteria as well as committed investment by Partners to extensive skills development and training.

The programme places an increased focus upon the expertise of Partners to provide their customers with the best possible understanding, deployment and ongoing support of Vodafone’s business communications services and technologies.

Nick Birtwistle, Head of Partners and Alliances at Vodafone UK said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Redsquid Communications as a Total Communications Partner to the new Vodafone Partner Programme.”

“Its team has shown great commitment and vision to leading a new era in communications and connectivity. Digital infrastructure – from mobile to unified communications to the Internet of Things – is changing the way organisations work and new capabilities are needed to support customers in the decade ahead.

With a focus on deeper customer engagement and the development of new skills, our Partner programme provides a new platform for our partners to enhance their value propositions around key technology growth areas. We look forward to working closely Redsquid as we help customers benefit from new ways of working.”

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