Simple Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Big

It can be challenging to convince potential clients to invest in a small business; there’s always some hesitation or out-right avoidance of otherwise unknown companies. Regardless of how great your business might be, if customers don’t think that it’s competent, then you may be missing out on profits left and right.

But your small business shouldn’t suffer losses just because it hasn’t had enough time to grow yet. Small businesses are as capable as any, but sometimes they need to think outside of the box to stand-out and appear reputable.

Here are some simple but effective ways to make your small business look big.


Use a Big Business Name

You may have already chosen a company name that you feel reflects your business, but a name can imply a lot more than just the service you provide. Having the right company name requires some forward-thinking; you want your business to sound like it’s ambitious, that it’s already made some significant progress and that it’s built to expand in the near-future.

Going too specific is a common mistake made by many small businesses looking to expand; it implies that your company has a very narrow purpose, and thus, little room for growth. This is also often the case for companies named after their owners; it shows a focus on the individual, rather than the organisation itself.

Try using a name that doesn’t sound too niche, that’s capable of being applied to multiple services and encompasses a collective organisation. This will give your small business a big title to present to potential customers.

Big brands with recognisable names

Invest in a Good Website

We’ve discussed why businesses should have their own website on our blog in the past, but here’s why it’s essential for small businesses that want to look big.

Not only does not having a website restrict your marketing, but it also makes your business appear much smaller and less reputable.  Customers attempting to look your business up online, will be concerned if they come across nothing; this may even cause them to back out of doing any business, for fear of being a victim of cowboys or fraud.

If your business does have a website, but it looks like something out of the 90’s, then this could also be losing you customers. It looks unprofessional, and is often an indication of a niche business that’s uninterested in using technology.

If you’re planning to invest in your business’s marketing, then building a better website is also a good decision. Having a professional looking website is well worth the money you may spend on it; as not only does it make your small business look bigger, but it also allows your presence to spread beyond your local area. With the amount of cheap website options currently available, there’s really no excuse.

Having your own website is essential to making a good impression

Use a Professional Email Address

Emails are the dominant form of communication between businesses now. Even small businesses are likely to conduct most of their communication via email, especially when discussing subjects like official documents or agreements.

Giving out an email address like [email protected], does not inspire much confidence in your correspondence. Not having an email address that’s directly tied to your company name, looks very unprofessional and makes you sound like you’re operating on an amateur level.

Having a professional email address for you and your employees is essential to giving a good impression and appearing trustworthy. When investing in your company website, either use your registered domain to set up an email account, or consider subscribing to a service such as Office 365 (which comes with Microsoft Outlook).

Provide a Landline Number

If you’re running your business from home, then your main point of contact may be your mobile. But having a mobile number as your official business contact number is not a very professional look; it implies that your business has no physical headquarters and operates on a very small scale.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your mobile in favour of a landline handset. After all, mobiles allow you and your employees to be much more flexible, and don’t require large upfront investments.

Instead, consider a solution like One Net Express; that provides businesses with a landline number for their mobile, without the need for a handset or line rental. Not only does this give your business a credible looking landline number, but you can also add multiple numbers that all ring to the same device. This could allow you to have local numbers in multiple locations; giving the impression that your business operates on a national scale.

With the right approach, your small business could grow into something big. Applying these changes can help build the foundations of your future business growth, and gain the recognition it deserves. For more advice on how to accelerate your business growth, have a look at some of our other blogs.

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