Redsquid is a Company that Cares

Yesterday it was Companies That Care Day, an event designed to celebrate corporate responsibility and encourage businesses to consider how they can make a positive impact. We’ve already highlighted our passion for charity and community work many times here on the Redsquid blog. So, in the interest of keeping things fresh, we decided we wanted to mark the passing of Companies That Care Day in a different way.

Our employees and technology may be the flesh and blood of our company, but our customers are very much the soul of the business. Caring for them is the most important part of being Redsquid, and it’s this ethos that helps us to stand out amongst our competitors. Which is why this year, we’re going to outline the many ways Redsquid shows care for its customers.

We want our customers to have the assurance that someone will always be there for them at Redsquid, which is why we make each of our departments easily reachable.

For example, our customer service team can not only be contacted through the regular phone and email channels, but they can also be instantly reached through our online webchat as well. They pride themselves on punctuality, guaranteeing that calls will be picked up within 5 rings and emails answered within 4 hours

Additionally, unlike many other 2nd and 3rd line tech support groups, our unified comms support team offer our customers a direct line of contact. With no hoops to jump through, we make it easy for our customers.

Our UC support team are not only reachable, but they’re fast and effective at resolving queries as well. Boasting excellent relationships with our tech partners and over 20 years of experience in the field, they’re prepared to resolve any customer queries within the very first response.

Moreover, thanks to our webchat system our customer service department are just as speedy. Able to quickly respond to and resolve any customer queries, by working together as a tight-knit team of professionals with a dedicated line to our top suppliers and partners.

But aside from speed and reachability, the way we care most for our customers is by providing the most personalised and dedicated support possible. Redsquid’s account management team ensures that our customers are cared for from the moment they meet with our sales department, all the way to the renewal of their contract. By maintaining regular contact through calls, emails, and even personal visits, our account managers help our customers work more efficiently and save money whilst doing it. They also have a history of going above and beyond for our customers, such as recently when Amar (one of our key account managers) drove 2 hours to deliver a customer phone in person, just to ensure that they had it when they needed it.

Our customer service team provide a similarly dedicated level of care, taking the worry away and working together to resolve any queries. Being an independent technology supplier means that not only do our customers have multiple networks to choose from, but that our only bias is in the customers’ favour.

We do everything in our power to support and guide them throughout their time with us. We care about our customers, about their businesses, and about helping them to achieve success, and these are just some of the ways we show that.

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