Redsquid Celebrates CF Week with Fundraising Challenges

Last week, our brilliant charity committee organised a week of fun activities to help raise money and awareness for our chosen charity: Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

For 7 days a year, people across the nation are encouraged to take part in CF Week. This could mean holding a bake sale, doing a sponsored bike-ride, or just taking part in a CF attached event. Yellow is CF Trust’s signature colour, which is why the Friday of CF Week is ‘Wear Yellow Day’ and donators are invited to thrown on something yellow.

For our CF Week, we had the opportunity to donate and take part in a variety of games and challenges, including;

  • Guess the baby picture
  • An office treasure hunt
  • Guess how many sweets are in the jar
  • A CF special charity quiz
  • Wear yellow day

The charity committee did a fantastic job of organising and running the entire CF Week, and we all had such a great time taking part. Thursday’s quiz was especially popular, and the unique CF round really hammered home the importance of supporting people with Cystic Fibrosis.  

Amy, who’s head of our charity committee, had this to say about the week:

“The engagement we received throughout the week was wonderful, and it’s clear that everyone here knows how much CF Trust relies on the support of the public. Everything went so well, and we’re really proud of how much everyone has contributed.”

To finish the week off, Adrienne, our Operations Director, performed an amazing skydive over the weekend. Arriving at Hinton Airfield early on Sunday morning, Adi went through all the necessary preparations and was soon up in the air, ready to jump 12.5 thousand feet from the ground.

This is what she had to say about the experience:

“I woke up that morning and felt incredibly calm somehow. But by the time we’d reached 11 thousand feet, I began getting the nerves. However, as soon as I was out the plane doors, and free-falling 7000 ft, I was loving it! It as an incredible experience.”

We also have Shiran, one of our Customer Service Executives, doing her own skydive later this year, which will add to our collective total for CF Trust.

We want to thank everyone who donated throughout the week, your support is much appreciated. If you haven’t donated yet, but want to, then you can visit Redsquid’s JustGiving page here:


Or contribute to Adi’s skydive collection here: https://bit.ly/2Y38KbF

Or help Shiran reach her goal here: https://bit.ly/31S1HEK


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