One YMCA Thanks Redsquid for its Charity Work

Redsquid and its CEO; Sohin Raithatha, have received a formal thank you from the Chief Executive of One YMCA; Guy Foxell, and Chair of Trustees; Andrew Newell, for their recent charity work.

Both senior members expressed their gratitude on behalf of the entire organisation, for the money raised by Sohin’s recent trek across Antarctica. They were especially impressed by how far Sohin exceeded his initial fundraising target, eventually collecting over 150% of his original goal. His grand total of £4771 (which looks to be hitting £5000 very soon), is an enormous amount for one person to raise. According to Foxell and Newell, it is the largest donation they’ve ever received;

‘Your impressive achievement is the biggest fundraiser contribution we have received as a charity, and it moves you into the record books for us – so a huge thank you’

So well done to Sohin for his fantastic work!

The representatives from One YMCA also thanked Redsquid for organising and running February’s work experience event, in which several young people from the Watford Orbital Community Centre visited our offices and learnt some new skills such as cold-calling and navigating a CRM system.  They commented on how the experience has affected the young people’s approach to their ambitions;

‘Their feedback after the project was overwhelmingly positive and you and your team clearly made a significant impact on their aspirations…and hopefully their future careers!’

The feedback we received from the young people who attended was, indeed, overwhelming positive, and brought the Redsquid team much happiness. Here is a selection of their comments;

‘I wasn’t too sure at first, and I thought it might be boring, but it was fun and I really enjoyed it.’

‘I chose telecoms, but now I’ve realised that I want to get into customer services.’

‘I don’t feel worried anymore, and I feel more clear about what I want to do.’

‘I want to start an apprenticeship at Redsquid.’


Receiving feedback like this shows that the hard work really does pay off, because these young people are clearly feeling the benefits. We’re now looking to organise couple of apprenticeships, in response to the interest shown by the youth at the community centre. We can’t wait to continue onto the next step of our relationship with One YMCA, as well as the other organisations that the Redsquid charity committee are sure to partner with in the future.

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