Microsoft Teams Is Adding New Features To Make Your Meetings Better

Microsoft is adding new features to the popular Teams software. Get ready to have better meetings in 2021! This month they have realised the new feature of ‘Approvals’ and we are already big fans! Soon you’ll also be able to get ‘Meeting Recaps’, and access ‘Presenter View’ as Microsoft release new features to the much loved software.
Microsoft Teams remain if not the most important software, then at least one of them during this last year. More and more businesses migrates to Teams, as they realise the enormous benefits. Teams makes it possible for us to stay productive and efficient. Most importantly, it allows us to see each other, while we have been apart for so long. Now the platform is getting even better as it is adding new features into the software, thereby leaving very few reason left for those who are yet to start using it.

What are the new features?

Microsoft starts the year out strong and have announced that we soon will be able to access these new features. But what exactly are they, and what benefits will they give its users?

Presenter View

Expected to hit the platform later this month, we’ll find the first feature ‘Presenter View’. Presenter View will allow you to keep track of presentations while you are leading a meeting. Essentially, this means that presenters can view their slides next to any notes they might have made, while also having thumbnails of the coming slides in the bottom of your window. Overall you’ll get a much better overview which allow for better presentations.

Meeting Recap

This might be one of the most exciting features Microsoft could add to their platform, and is likely to be a huge success among its users. After your meeting, Teams will pull together a recording, a copy of the chat, any files shared throughout the meeting and finally a transcript.
It will give you full visibility, and lighten the pressure on note taking throughout any meeting. Ultimately, you will be sure that no important information is lost or forgotten. This feature will allow users to put their full attention into the meeting itself, and we are for sure looking forward to this !


The last new feature is ‘Approvals’. Approvals already launched during this month, although you may not have tried it yet. Approvals lets you create, manage and share sign offs directly from within Teams. This means no more emails back and forward asking for endless sign-offs. Now you can simple upload a file, choose who have to sign off and wait for the approval while you continue your other tasks.
It is a great tool for keeping track of all your ongoing projects, and will allow the entire team to stay informed and up to date.
Your team can now find each approval alongside all the needed information such as the person who requested and approved a project, status, comments and attached files.
Managing project within a team have never been easier!

Are Your Business Using Teams?

Now we all are spread out and working from our homes, it can be difficult to keep everyone in the loop at all times.
Teams is here to help with those issues, so now there’s only one thing to do. It’s time to dig deeper into all the possibilities Microsoft Teams can give your team and take full advantage of the software. 
Is your business not on Teams yet? We are always here to discuss the challenges and requirements your business have, and how Teams might help overcome those. Get in touch with the us today, so we can get your team on Teams! 

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