How Remote Working Can Benefit Your Business

Remote working is fast becoming the world’s most popular form of employment. Research conducted by the IDC and published by Sage Pay, suggests that already over a third of the world’s workforce has gone remote: that’s around 1.3 billion people.

Some of the world’s highest-earning companies are currently investing in remote workings; including Apple, Dell, Microsoft and American Express.

So why is remote working being so widely adopted?


Improve Productivity

Remote working has been proven to increase productivity levels in some employees. With fewer workplace distractions such as office chats and general background noise, remote workers are more likely to complete set tasks.

One survey conducted by employee engagement chain TINYPulse, found that around 91% of respondents said they were more productive when working remotely.


Give your Employees a Better Work/Life Balance

Offering remote working to your employees could make them happier workers. Being able to work from where they want, at a time that suits them, is an attractive prospect to today’s workforce.

Having a better work/life balance was cited as the top benefit of remote working in a survey Microsoft conducted with their employees. Around 60% of respondents preferred remote working because it gave them more time to spend with their family and children, thus making them happier workers overall.


Cut out the Commute

By allowing employees to work remotely, they can cut out their dreaded daily commute. Without the need to commute, employees not only save money on travelling expenses, but also start work much happier and more relaxed as a result.

This could also help your business save money on employee salaries, as research from one Arise study showed that around 25% of today’s workforce would be willing to take a lower salary if they could avoid commuting.


Give your Business an Environmentalist Cause

The number of people spending more than 2 hours travelling to and from work every day has increased by 72% over the last decade. All this travelling has undoubtedly contributed to the already alarming amount of greenhouse gases currently within our atmosphere.
Your business could help improve the environment by introducing remote working; not only aiding a good cause, but also providing your employees with a greater sense of purpose and potentially impressing your customers as well.


Widen Your Talent Pool

Being able to hire workers on a remote basis, can give your business more of an edge when hiring.

Those star candidates that you’d otherwise not hire because of location difficulties, would be within reach with remote working. Without the need to commute, you could hire great candidates regardless of whether they lived nearby or not.

Remote working could also allow you to hire candidates you’d otherwise be unable to afford, as Arise found that 58% of employees would be happy to take a lower salary if they could work from home. That’s over half!


Save Your Business Money

By reducing the amount of employees you have working in the office at any one time, your business could save money on workplace maintenance bills.

Maintaining a fully staffed office can cost a business on average: £6000 a year, per head. You could save a lot of money by cutting down on the amount of people using electricity, gas, and water in your workplace.


Reduce Absenteeism

Providing the option to work remotely could help reduce your business’s rates of employee absenteeism.

We’ve already shown how today’s workforce love remote working because it gives them a better work/life balance. Not only can this make employees happier, but it can also make them healthier as well.

Healthier and happier employees are much less likely to call in sick. In fact, studies have shown that remote working has successfully helped reduce employee absenteeism from 8.5% to 3.1% in recent years. This is also likely due to those employees not being affected by travel issues such as heavy snowfall or train strikes either.


Now that you’ve read about the benefits, you’re free to take the next step and discover the technology behind remote working.

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