Hayley Returns from Maternity Leave to Pursue her Career at Redsquid

Hayley is our Head of Account Management at Redsquid, and one of the longest serving members of the team. Hayley’s been with us for 7 and a half years. Having returned from maternity leave back in April, we had a chat about how her career at Redsquid has changed and the support she’s received during that time.

How has your career progressed over the last 7 and a half years? 

I initially applied for an admin role at Redsquid, who were quite small at the time… around 8 people. Thanks to how flexible career movement is here, I was able to naturally progress through several departments within a few years. So, I went from Admin, to Customer Service, to Telephone Account Manager, to Account Manager, then Team Leader and was eventually promoted to Head of Accounts about 3 years ago. Career progression is really accessible at Redsquid. If you stay with the company, then you have the potential to go very far.  

How have you been supported by Redsquid? 

The people and the management at Redsquid are hugely supportive. I’ve learnt a lot from both senior management and other staff members, which has helped me to grow as a general manager and an account manager. Also, being able to request flexible working whenever I’ve needed it, has really helped me to balance my career and my life, as things have changed over the years. Which has taken a lot of potential stress off my shoulders.  

I’ve always had access to training whenever I’ve asked to learn about a particular product or piece of tech. As my career has progressed, I’ve been able to adapt to these changes thanks to the training I’ve received. It’s really helped me to excel in whatever role I have.  

How have you settled back into your role since returning from maternity leave? 

It has taken a bit of time to get back into the swing of things and absorb the changes that have happened since I’ve been away. When it comes to technology, things can change really quickly, so being away for a year can make a difference.  

However, thanks to the support I’ve received since coming back, I’ve been able to settle back into my role. With help from both staff and management, I’ve gotten back up to speed and can now start making some great changes. 

Returning on part time hours that I’ve been able to choose, has made my transition very comfortable. I’ve been able to continue balancing my career and my home-life as my situation changes. 

What does the future hold for you at Redsquid? 

As I phased in on part-time hours in April, I’m about to move back to full-time hours next week, which was also entirely my choice.  

I’m aiming to further develop my account management and staff management skills, so I can better help my team to provide fantastic support and gain an even deeper understanding of our product offering. As I said, technology is always changing, so staying on the ball is essential to success. Not just for me, but for all our account managers. I’m always looking for ways to improve our knowledgebase.  

Ultimately, I’m looking forward to seeing how Redsquid grows into the future, especially seeing what it means for my career, as well as the business. It’s all very exciting! 

Thanks to Hayley for taking the time to talk with us. 

If you’re interested in starting your career at Redsquid, take time to visit our vacancies page and view our open positions. 

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