Embracing and Encouraging a Culture that Cares

Aside from the productivity benefits that healthy and happy employees bring to the business, we believe that the very purpose of Redsquid is to provide support to people; whether they’re customers, employees, or part of our local community. If our employees know the importance being cared for, then they’ll surely pass that care along to our customers in kind.

Ensuring that our employees are happy and motivated is crucial to the quality of our work. If our staff members are not capable of properly performing their duties, then the excellent quality of service that Redsquid are renowned for will suffer as a result.
So, for the good of Redsquid and the people connected to it, we implement our own health & wellbeing program; designed to provide a variety of meaningful benefits to help improve our employees lives.


Giving the Assurance that Employees Need

The basic principle of our health & wellbeing program is to provide our employees with the knowledge that they have our support. Fearing the consequences of an unexpected illness or accident, can certainly create stress and negatively affect employee performance. Which is why we offer a subsidised health insurance and dental plan, both designed to provide financial and professional, and personal support when our employees need it most.


Helping Employees Improve their Health and Fitness

Of course, keeping healthy can help prevent disease and illness from taking root, which is why we also help our employees to stay fit and eat well. Our health & wellbeing program encourages our team to exercise with Vitality: whom we currently partner with. Vitality helps our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and discover new ways to improve it.

With Vitality rewards, our employees have more access to fitness facilities and equipment, with discounts on gym memberships; sport shoes, bicycles, and fitness gadgets. We also provide weekly fruit boxes for our employees to pick from throughout the working day. This gives our staff the incentive and the support to strive towards achieving a healthier lifestyle


Rewarding Our Employees for Their Hard Work

Making our employees feel valued is an important part of our company culture. Not only does it help motivate our staff to perform better, but it also instils a feeling of positivity in the workplace. We give small rewards such as free cinema tickets and Starbucks coffee with Vitality, as well as larger rewards for employees nominated by their peers. These all help our employees to find additional enjoyment in their daily work for Redsquid.


Providing ways for our Employees to Recuperate

Overworking employees is not beneficial to anyone; suffering from exhaustion and stress makes focusing and performing well at work very difficult. Which is why we promote opportunities for our employees to relax and recuperate, so that they can always operate at their maximum efficiency. These include discounted trips with Champneys Spas; Eurostar trains; and British Airways, as well as additional holiday for our employees on their birthday. Ensuring that our staff take holiday and return refreshed and ready for work, benefits everyone.


Enabling Our Employees to Give Back to the Community

Self-fulfilment is an important part of Redsquid’s culture, having employees feel more for their work can help to boost their engagement with our business. Which is why we provide opportunities for our staff members to get involved in charity projects such as our partnership with One YMCA, and charity events like Byte Night. Empowering our employees to make a difference helps to give them a greater sense of purpose at Redsquid, and therefore, improve their motivation to work.


There are many benefits to working at Redsquid; it’s a positive environment built upon the principles of an open-door HR policy and plenty of support. If you’d like to know more about working at Redsquid and current employment opportunities, visit our careers page or chat to our support team below.

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