5 Trends Shaping The Digital Transformation

The digital transformation had been ongoing for quite a few years now, and got really fast tracked during the last years of the global pandemic. 
So let’s go through 5 of the trends which re currently shaping the Digital Transformation.


The Digital Transformation is the adaptation and integration of technology to match industry change. The transformation is essential to modern organisations as it creates opportunities to develop processes, integrate technologies, and secure networks. A business which has been through the transformation is able to operate efficiently and implement advanced technological tools into their business.

In this blog we have highlighted 5 trends which are shaping the Digital Transformation for modern businesses so you won’t get left behind.

Hybrid Working

The recent pandemic has seen a rise in businesses using the work from home (WFH) strategy and this working style won’t be phasing out any time soon. As a result, the hybrid working solution gives both employers and employees greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to their work-life balance.

Remote and hybrid working environments are the new version of offices, this means businesses need to invest in collaboration platforms to create fully connected employee experiences. Undoubtedly, there are countless solutions designed for every business no matter how big or small. However, Microsoft Teams enables great communication across the business with seamless collaboration features. 

Microsoft Teams can elevate your business to the next level, have a look at what it can do for you here. 

Business Adaptation

We can already see seamless digital experiences being driven through the rapid development of technology. This means organisations will need to adapt to increase their productivity, efficiency, and improve customer experiences to become future proof.

There are countless technologies that businesses can use to optimise their processes. Something that is continuously changing is the infrastructure landscape, with new features and additions popping up each day.

IT infrastructure provides businesses with many benefits including;

  • Providing better client technologies: With faster and easy-to-navigate platforms, businesses can operate much more efficiently and effectively.
  • Boosted agility: Creating a seamless working experience, your team can make the most of the infrastructure.
  • Increased productivity: Through ‘real-time’ data collection your organisation can work at a much faster rate, with more accurate data.
  • Optimising your Technology: When you invest in your organisations IT infrastructure, you get instant upgrades on your servers, from faster speeds to secure networks.
  • Strengthening your networks: Being easily scalable to grow with your business and advanced security, you know your network is secure.

IT infrastructure has a whole lot more to offer, we have everything you need to know right here.

Hyper Automation

The Digital Transformation demands automation – for the modern business becoming more efficient, automating processes is fundamental. The new consumer needs efficiency and service excellence when enquiring or buying.

Organisations that implement automated processes can create a seamless customer experiences, become more efficient, and minimises errors.

Cyber Security

With evolving technology comes increased risks. The world is changing, and cybercriminals are taking advantage. Last year, a cyber-attack took place every 39 seconds. To put that in perspective, that’s 50% more than the year before! The threat to businesses has never been higher and in order to survive, organisations need to invest in cyber security.

Defending against cyber threats could be the difference between failure or development. Modern businesses should have a sound defence strategy to survive in the modern world. Anti-Virus is no longer enough, organisations should have a layered defence with multiple barriers keeping them secure. Furthermore, one of the best defences an organisation can have is an alert and security trained team, staff who can identify and react to threats are a huge asset to modern businesses.

We have over 20 years of experience in cyber security and are experts in the field. Whatever your cyber needs are, we have you covered, have a look at our technologies.

Collaborative Ecosystems

Collaboration is key for the modern workplace, to be able to instantly comment, respond, and review work gives organisations the ability to increase efficiency and productivity. Cloud solutions help teams within the business securely access data and the digital capabilities to create more connected experiences and drive faster innovation. 

Microsoft Teams is the most popular collaboration tool for a reason – it’s the best! With integrated features, and expandable usage means it is perfect for all of your business needs. Furthermore, with a ‘one true source’ document, your folders stay clean and your team always has access to the newest and updated version.

The digital transformation is happening and all businesses have to go through it. The world is changing and so is the businesses climate. These trends are the key to unlocking your businesses full potential. We can guide and support you through the change and future-proof your business, to set you up for success.