IT Support Services for Fluid Transfer Group

A client of ours called Fluid Transfer Group provides fuelling services to the Aviation Industry and the MOD. The client has around 50 computer users and is reliant on emails, files and security. The initial remit for our work was to onboard the customer and provide ongoing IT support across the whole IT infrastructure. Therefore, this work starts with an onboarding process we call a customer take on. Thereafter, an engineer will attend the site for the day and document the entire setup. We not only focus on the technical elements but there are other factors that will help us support the client in the best possible manner. 

Some of these include

Security- What are the security requirements? This customer needs a high level of security due to their interaction with the MOD and the other businesses they look after. The security configuration needs to be carefully documented to ensure this is replicated when new users, computers and servers are provisioned.

Account management- Who has authority to sign off purchases, change permissions, authorise new user setups and reset passwords.

3rd Party Support – We will record the contact details for the various pieces of 3rd party software and hardware they use so that if there is ever a problem, we can get in touch right away without wasting time looking for this information.

Key people – It’s important that we know who the key people are in the business so support can be prioritised around these people and their teams.

Along with these, we document technical information on

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • LAN
  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Software Licensing
  • Printers
  • Remote Access
  • Software
  • Wireless
  • Active Directory
  • Office 365
  • Single Sign-On
  • MFA
  • Virtualization
  • Phone System
  • Websites
  • Domains

This is stored in our secure database system giving our engineers easy access to the information whenever they need it. During the take on, we will also install our Remote Management and Monitoring system. Therefore, this then gives us visibility into the network in real-time and alerts us of any issues on the workstations or servers, often before they even become apparent to the end-user.

Therefore, the take on process is complete, all our engineers are briefed so they are familiar with the new client’s setup and how they operate as a business. This is very important.

Furthermore, from here the customer is sent an email that can be forward around to their team. This then means they know how to get in touch and escalate calls if they need to.

Since tickets are logged with our help desk they are prioritised as low, medium, high or critical. SLAs are assigned automatically. This means the customer gets a call back at a time scale that suits them.

All tickets are logged in our support systems so that they can easily be reviewed at a later date by engineers. Tickets are also reviewed by a manager on a daily basis to make sure things are being resolved in a timely manner. Resulting in the customer being communicated clearly.

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