A Complete Unified 
Communications Solution

Connecting Merson Group with a complete Unified Communications solution, Data Connectivity, new mobile technology, and a Mobile Device Management solution.

What We Did .

Connected Merson Group with a complete Unified Communications solution, including Data Connectivity, Disaster Recovery, new mobile technology, and a Mobile Device Management solution.
We enabled Merson Group to support its expansion and keep up with increasing customer demand, without compromising their quality of service with the use of technology.
Redsquid secured Merson Groups’ company devices with a reliable MDM solution, that protected their customers’ sensitive data and helped them comply to GDPR regulations.


Merson Group had expanded to include five separate businesses across the UK and beyond, with around 280 employees and a £30 million turnover.

Their set up was disorganised – they had a redundant phone system, employees were missing calls, the reception desk had to be manned full-time, there was no plan for disaster recovery in place and they were losing business…

The whole setup just wasn’t productive. They had five different suppliers but weren’t getting any value.


Redsquid introduced new technology, whereby Merson signs users had a DDI connected to their mobiles, improving their availability to customers, so they never missed a call and enhanced their customer experience.

Pairing this with a hosted phone system further empowered Merson signs with call transferring, disaster recovery, auto attendant and a solution that was future proof, as well as freeing up the reception desk, because calls can be redirected anywhere, they want.

By implementing MDM on all mobile devices, Merson signs would have complete control which would enable them to send updates out to the devices and lockdown the devices.

And finally, Redsquid manage all their connectivity, which ensured that Merson signs had one supplier for all their technological needs.


The flexibility provided by hosted VoIP and new mobile technology has freed Merson Group’s employees from the restrictions of a desk-phone, enabling them to work remotely on a schedule that promotes productivity.

Unified Communiations and new mobile technology, empowered Merson Group’s employees to provide their customers with the best service, increasing the number of calls answered before the 4th ring, and reducing waiting times between transfers.

Implementing an MDM has taken the worry of complying to GDPR regulations on mobile away from Merson Group. Having the option to instantly wipe company mobiles if they’re stolen or lost, and monitor employee behaviour to prevent insecure activity, has given Merson Group additional piece of mind.

Merson Group now have complete confidence in their communications, with the knowledge that they can rely upon Redsquid whenever they need support.
Redsquid implemented hundreds of mobile handsets all over the country, implemented the MDMs solution and installed the hosted platform at their head office in Glasgow. Redsquid project managed this from start to finish seamlessly.


Merson signs left Redsquid 3 years ago as a mobile only customer and returned to Redsquid with the objective to improve the way their employees work. Redsquid has introduced new technology and changed the way their business and their employees work, which in return will help them scale and become more productive all under one supplier.

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Our purpose is to ‘make a difference’ – ‘make a difference’ to our customers businesses with the use of technology to make them more efficient, more productive and help them scale. To ‘make a difference’ to our employees lives with a culture that enables them to succeed and to ‘make a difference’ to a small part of the world whereby as an organisation we help the underprivileged with our resources.

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