Redsquid Reflects on a Successful Sponsorship of the International Thames Valley Technology Conference

It’s been around a week since Redsquid sponsored this year’s Thames Valley International Technology Conference at Microsoft UK HQ in Reading, and having taken the time to properly reflect on the event, we wanted to share our experiences and thoughts with everyone.

If you’re not familiar with the conference, it’s an annual event where members of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce meet to network, and discuss how innovations in tech can helps businesses work more efficiently

As part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Redsquid had the opportunity to sponsor the conference and showcase our business there. Finding new ways of using technology to help businesses become more efficient, is what Redsquid are all about. Which is why we offered all conference goers a free review of their current communications setup, and advice for how they can improve it.

The conference schedule contained a wealth of different keynote discussions, presentations, and panels on topics ranging from cybersecurity to augmented reality, with each speaker offering something unique and exciting.

Throughout the conference, Redsquid specialists had the fantastic opportunity to meet representatives from other businesses, and provide some expertise on how best to implement technology.

Finally, the whole event was rounded off with a panel hosted by renowned voiceover artist, Jon Briggs (otherwise known as the UK voice of Siri), in which Redsquid CEO, Sohin Raithatha and two other entrepreneurs discussed managing and implementing business transformations.

We spoke with Sohin about his experiences at the conference, and what he found most memorable about it:

“I found the event an incredibly educational experience. It was fascinating to see where experts think technology is heading, and how businesses will leverage this emerging tech to their advantage. Meeting so many other business owners and seeing how forward-thinking some of them were in terms of utilising technology to tackle complex issues really was impressive.

I enjoyed seeing how the conference attendees appreciated the insight in business efficiency our team was showcasing, but for me, the absolute highlight of the conference was being on a panel hosted by Jon Briggs, and I went from being nervous to really enjoying it very quickly.”

“It was so inspiring to see how businesses keep evolving, adapting, and innovating, to solve problems and increase efficiency, by using technology to their advantage”

Nick, our Director of Sales, also spoke about his standout moments from the conference, and what he took away from the experience:

“It was really great to see so many businesses from such a variety of backgrounds come together in one place, it created a very energetic atmosphere throughout the conference. Meeting the people behind the businesses was even better, as they were all such interesting individuals with their own unique attitudes towards technology.”

“It really is exciting to think about the potential of the Thames Valley as a hub of emerging businesses, all with the ambition to grow through technology.”

Redsquid had a fantastic time at the Thames Valley International Technology Conference, and looks forward to showcasing at other events in the future. Due to the overwhelming success of our free audit at the conference, we’ve decided to open it up to everyone. If you would like one of our specialists to provide a free, no-obligation review of your current communications setup, then please click here.

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