Redsquid Brings Everyone Together for Family Day

At Redsquid, we believe that promoting a good work/life balance is essential to maintaining a positive working environment. So, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our employees to bring a part of their home-life into Redsquid with our first ever family day.

With the recent expansion and renovation of our headquarters, we felt like there was no better time to invite our employees to bring their family and friends to an afternoon of fun and relaxation. Sohin, Redsquid’s CEO, proposed the idea as a way for staff to introduce their loved-ones to their career and workmates: ‘We wanted to provide a chance for our employees to connect their careers with their personal lives. They spend such a large portion of their lives at work, we believed that they deserved a chance to share this with their families.’

After a lot of preparation, we held the event on Friday (31st August) afternoon, welcoming our employees and their families and friends with a drink and a speech from our chairman, Andy Coughlin. Our guests were then provided with a delicious full-spread buffet, as well as entry into a pool tournament with a cash prize of £150, and the chance to win a crate of wine in our Redsquid charity raffle. The children were also catered to; with an inflatable ball-pit, face-painting, balloon modelling, and a fantastic magic show which had both the kids and the adults laughing their heads off (especially when our Head of Finance was brought up to help).

With everyone’s families mingling and chatting, it felt like Redsquid had really brought our employees’ lives together. When asked about the event, Sohin said: ‘The whole afternoon was a lot of fun, and it was great to see how much everyone was enjoying it: from the kids to the adults. We’re already looking forward to planning and hosting something even bigger and better next year.’

But a special thanks must be made to our Head of HR, Chelsey, who was paramount in organising and running the entire thing. Sohin offered his personal thanks to her and the rest of the team for helping to ensure that everything went smoothly: ‘The event was executed perfectly thanks to Chelsey’s excellent planning, and some much-appreciated support from several of our other staff members.’

Our next big event is the Redsquid charity pub quiz happening later this week, which will hopefully be just as successful as our family day. Good luck to everyone involved!

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