The UK PSTN network will shut off in 2025!

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch off is getting closer, and will finally happen in 2025. Organisations across the UK are starting to prepare, and is we are getting closer to 2025, it is time to consider your options. Are your phone system or broadband reliant on PSTN? Then read a long here to learn about what you should consider before your services will be shut off. 


What is the “shut off”

All users will be making the switch from the old analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to a fully digital network. The roll-out has already started, which gradually will happen until the complete shut off for PSTN to be shut off by 2025!

But what have happened so far and what is next? Have a look at the timeline for the switch off here: 

2017- BT announce intentions to switch off the PSTN & ISDN networks in 2025. 

2018- Openreach starts improve their networks with the fibre to make the high quality connectivity more accessible.

2020- A five-year reminder that Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) is being withdrawn.

2023- Stop – Sell of all WLR lines will take place.

2025- Openreach will complete the shut off of all PSTN and ISDN services

Is this really affecting everyone?

The transition to digital is happening everywhere, and it’s happening fast.

Technology is ever-changing and so are customer behaviours. At the moment organisations across the world are making the change from analogue to digital. Not just businesses but also individual homes. Ultimately, every line will be transitioning to a fully digital environment.

But it is not just your phone and connectivity services you need to think about. All your non-voice services connected to a PSTN or ISDN lines will be affected too. A few examples could be devices such as your alarms, EPOS machines, broadband,  CCTV, door entry systems and even faxes.

Why is it happening?

Technology has always been changing, but at the moment it is transforming faster than ever. As our lives are changing to fit the digital lifestyle and we adopt to more smartphones, apps, Cloud, IoT and plenty more being a part of our daily lives- the connectivity we use to support it, must become stronger too.

The PSTN network has been the backbone of the UK’s network for a very long time. At the moment it is the infrastructure that makes everything work and you probably don’t even notice it.

But think about it..

The telephone lines strung across the streets. The copper cables which are buried beneath our feet. Some of which have been there since the 19th century! The switch off has been a long time coming, and the UK’s users are ready for it! The 2025 shut off are taking us through the digital transformation – from PSTN to the endless possibilities of a digital world.

Is this the right step moving forward for us?

The move to digital is much more than just your old phone system being out of date. Instead it is all about better and more reliant digital communication across the globe!

Even the most basic becomes possible, such as being able to make and take calls on any device, from the same number, from anywhere in the world. Furthermore the ability to link your business applications and systems with video chat, calls and collaborations, which ultimately makes you closer to your colleagues and customers.

Finally we have the factor of lower costs. The new digital system will take you away from expensive hardware, so there’s no real reason to why you shouldn’t be going digital!

What digital solutions should I move to?

The world of digital is endless – and it will hold a perfect solution for you too! We can personalise any solution to fit your organisations needs, and make sure that you have exactly the technology that will improve your organisation. Our VoIP solutions takes your telephone system online with ‘Voice over IP’ for a future proof solution. Read more about VoIP here.

Do you use Microsoft Teams in your organisation? You probably do, right? 

Even better! 

Now it is possible to integrate your phone system into the Teams App! That means you can conduct not just your internal calls, but your external calls too! Digital phones takes your organisation through the digital transformation- finally allowing you to work from anywhere with zero disruption. Read more  about ‘Voice for Teams here. 

Want to hear more? Let one of our experts talk you through it!