How to Empower and Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Managing and supporting a team of mobile employees is a serious challenge for any business. Here we will explain how your business can use smart solutions to both empower and manage your employees, regardless of where they work.


Use the Cloud for More Reliable Mobile Storage

At this stage, your employees may still be using third party hardware, such as USB sticks or portable hard-drives, to access their data whilst on the go. However, there are numerous issues with using third party hardware; they can be easily lost or stolen, or the data could be corrupted or wiped.

Whereas if your employees use cloud storage, they’ll have access to their secure company from anywhere, without the limitations of third party hardware. Imagine your sales representatives being able to provide prospective clients with a presentation straight from their mobile devices. When there’s no need for any additional devices, the threat of forgotten, lost, stolen, wiped, or corrupted files, vanishes.

Provide Effective Ways for Mobile Workforce to Communicate with IM, Presence and Conferencing Features

Your mobile employees may be relying upon using calls, texts, and emails to communicate with your business. However, there are more effective ways for your employees to stay connected.

For example, take instant messaging and conference calling service: Skype for Business. With Skype for Business your offsite employees can immediately connect with each other through messages, share links, images and even files, on their mobiles. Any conversations can also be saved to your employees’ Outlook accounts, as long as they’re connected to Skype. Not only that, but they’ll also be able to set up conference and video calls over their mobile data or wi-fi connection as well.

With Skype for Business, your entire team of mobile employees could hold their weekly meetings from their respective work locations. Additionally, with the Skype for Business Presence feature, your employees can see whether their contacts have been recently active and check their calendar availability from their Skype account: which makes co-ordinating meetings much easier.

Create a Professional Mobile Business with One Net Express

Without access to a landline network, your employees may be limited to taking calls straight through to their business mobiles: can make your company seem small.

Vodafone’s One Net Express gives your mobile employees several landline PBX benefits, without the need for fixed premises or the equipment. This means having your own virtual secretary to greet customers, play hold music and automatically divert them. You’ll also be able to set up your own hunt groups among your mobile employees; ensuring that someone will always be available to answer your customers’ calls.

What’s more, is that One Net Express’s virtual landline numbers are not geographically limited; meaning that your employees can appear to operate from multiple locations, giving your business a greater commercial reach and local presence. With One Net Express, your team of mobile employees can efficiently and professionally co-ordinate their calls from any location.

Ensure the Security and Efficiency of Your Mobile Workforce with MDM

Empowering your mobile employees comes with its own series of risks. Giving your employees access to your company data and network could put your business in a vulnerable position; leaving it open to the threat of malicious software and misuse. However, with a Mobile Device Management system, you can ensure that your business is protected and your employees are managed.

MDM enables your business to control how much access your employees have to company data, thereby decreasing the likelihood of malicious software infecting your essential documents. If any of your employees’ mobiles are lost or stolen, then you’ll be able to remotely lock and even wipe those devices, thus preventing outside forces from gaining access to any sensitive company information.

Furthermore, with MDM, your business can easily monitor and restrict employee mobile activity. This means that any expensive numbers can be blocked and data caps and alerts can be put in place, thereby preventing your employees from racking up huge bills. With MDM, you can ensure that your business’s data is secure and your mobile employees are at their most efficient.

These are just some of the ways that you can empower and manage your mobile employees, creating a more capable and reliable workforce for your business to benefit from. For more advice on managing and supporting mobile employees, feel free to read about our mobile workforce management solutions or contact us on 0208 166 4540 now.

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