Geofencing and Fleet-Tracking: Protect and Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Geofencing and fleet-tracking technologies can help businesses to protect their assets and make their mobile workforce operate more efficiently, all whilst saving them considerable time and money.


What is Geofencing and Fleet-Tracking?

Geofencing is a service that defines the geographic boundaries of a particular device. These ‘boundaries’ exist within a virtual space defined by the user, so that when that device leaves these defined boundaries, the user is alerted.

Fleet-tracking is a service that helps the user monitor the status and whereabouts of a vehicle and its driver. The user can alter settings designed to send appropriate information if certain criteria are met.

Geofencing and fleet-tracking both provide the necessary tools for any business looking to protect and support their mobile workforce.

How can Geofencing and Fleet-Tracking help my business?

Access Your Data Anywhere

Our fleet-tracking and geofencing services provide useful information via an easily accessible online dashboard.

Both solutions include cloud storage and an online portal to access all your collected data.

This dashboard can be viewed on any device, as long as you have internet access, which means that you’ll receive updates and information about tracked devices and vehicles from anywhere.

Save Both Time and Money

With access to our intuitive online dashboard, you’ll also be able to easily convert all your updates into downloadable Excel documents.

Not only is this a more efficient way of completing essential admin work, but it also provides your business with the legal documentation you need for any potential lawsuits. Having fleet-tracking and geofencing services could save you thousands of pounds on legal bills.

Furthermore, our fleet-tracking solutions are more affordable than other alternatives; such as Black Boxes. They’re also weather resistant, and come with 18 months of battery life. Meaning that they’re built to last.

Make Your Mobile Workforce Safer and More Efficient

Harness our geofencing and fleet-tracking solutions to make your mobile workforce safer and more efficient.

By tracking your mobile workforce, your business could ensure that its on-road employees are taking the quickest (and safest) routes and are running to their ascribed schedules. This could significantly improve how efficiently your business operates, and give your customers a better level of service.

Our fleet-tracking solutions also enable businesses to receive alerts whenever devices sense excessive speeding. Your business can use these alerts to deter dangerous behaviour in your drivers, and thus help prevent potentially costly accidents.

Customise the Solution to Suit Your Needs

With both geofencing and fleet-tracking, you can customize your solutions experience to suit your business’s needs.

For example, if your delivery workforce is transporting an important package, your tracking device could monitor its delivery progress. You’ll be alerted whenever it arrives at a location, meaning that you can inform your customers of its whereabouts and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

This is just one of many different services that fleet-tracking and geofence technology could enable you to provide.

Respond to Quickly Any Disaster

With real-time updates sent through to all your devices, your business has the tools it needs to make important decisions with haste

You can receive alerts through multiple channels; such as mobile notifications, text, email and even a dedicated mobile app.

Data is also relayed in real-time, meaning that you’ll receive updates as soon as triggers are activated. This ensures that if the worse should happen, such as device or vehicle theft, you’ll be able to take immediate action.

The Power to Protect Your Company Assets

Our fleet-tracking and geofencing services give your business the power to protect your company devices and vehicles.

Smart integration with Google Maps means that your business can put security measures in place, to ensure that any suspicious activity is recorded and sent to you. You’ll receive instant alerts whenever any connected devices or vehicles are taken outside of assigned locations.

With selected service packages, you also be able to immobilize and track any connected devices or vehicles, if you receive any suspicious alerts. This can be done from mobile app or browser, and allows you to protect any expensive devices or company vehicles.
Our geofencing and fleet-tracking solutions can enable your company to protect your company assets and manage your mobile work-fleet. With geofencing and fleet-tracking, your business can put reliable systems in place to protect your most valuable assets and employees.

For more information on geofencing and fleet-tracking, visit our workforce management page or call us on 0208 166 4540, to speak to one of our specialists.

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