An Interview With Our New Help Desk Manager

One of the new marketing apprentices, Max, grabbed the opportunity to Interview Dean, our New Help Desk Manager. As part of our 15-year anniversary celebration, they discussed Dean’s role and future for him at Redsquid after the newly announced merger with Triumph. 


Can you tell me a little bit about your role?

I’m Dean, the Help Desk Manager at Triumph. I manage the flow of tickets and direct them towards the correct support engineer. I come from a background working in a contact centre so naturally training was given to me that allowed me to build up my skills in customer service. Which I have brought with me to my current role. Some of my day-to-day duties include advising our engineers with any customer tickets. When challenges occur, I then support them by bringing up the problem through our tiers, to a responder who can aid the customer. Furthermore, I handle light account management jobs and tend to deal with any support our customers may need. I’m always looking to develop my skills and enjoy getting involved in different aspects of the business. 

How do you manage the customer experience?

Great businesses are built on a great customer experience. Therefore, I try to ensure that my team is equally trained to the professional standard of customer service. This includes correct response times, good communication and managing the customers expectations. Ensuring my team uphold this standard, means that we can deal with a customer’s problem quickly. Making the customer feel comfortable is vital, as it allows the customer to explain the situation calmly and then creates an opportunity to give the best solution to solve their problems. This then reduces response times, improves communication, and allows our engineers to manage the customers expectations.

What do you think is the most important part of the customer experience?

As Help Desk Manager, one of the most imperative parts of customer experience is making the customer feel cared for. After resolving a customer’s issue adding, ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’, going that extra step to ensure our customers are satisfied means they are getting the best possible experience. Furthermore, it allows us to fix any other problems they may have straight away, rather than them having to go through the process again. This method allows us to personalise our customers experience when dealing with us. 

Are there any specific management styles you like to implement?

I believe that you need a different approach for everyone, as individuals my team all work in different and unique ways. A single management style won’t work for everyone due to them having their own strengths and weaknesses. Some members of my team are very experienced and self-sufficient. However, some need a little more help due to them being in different stages of their development. I think this is the best approach to management because it makes everyone’s experience more personalised. Finally, I am the type of manager who likes to ‘role up my selves’ and get involved whenever it’s needed.

What do you find the most exciting about the merger between Redsquid and Triumph?

I am very interested in training opportunities, or even the idea of experiencing new roles within the business. I am always looking to challenge myself and i’m keen to develop my technical knowledge and experience. Merging with Redsquid allows me to do this, as they use different resources that create opportunities for me to keep learning. One of our second-line engineers has already enrolled in a two-year course in cyber security after the merger with Redsquid. As a manager this is exciting, as our team gains additional skills and continue to develop their career with us. Educational courses excite me as I really like challenging myself and developing my skills. I’d like to gain experience in different areas of the business as I am always looking to grow my knowledge.

Working in support, how do you think AI could benefit your job role?

Support is a job where you’re always making decisions when you’re troubleshooting things, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can automate this and improve the customer experience. AI is used to streamline processes especially in support. When talking to a customer, AI can pick out individual phrases, speech patterns and tones of voice, making it easy to organise tickets and can keep a customer engaged. Furthermore, investing in AI can increase productivity and complete everyday manual tasks. If a business does not recognise the rise of new technologies like AI, they could be at risk of falling behind. I think it is going to be absolutely pivotal and I think we’re already seeing top businesses are already doing it. Check out this other blog about the rise of AI technology

How do you think that the merger will change our customer experience?

With the merger, we are going to gain new resources like equipment and additional staff, that will improve our customer experience. We are already looking at getting new apprentices in which we are really excited about. Having those resources will help us to continue to improve our customer experience. It means we will be able to provide a more proactive service, resulting in even better support. I prefer being proactive rather than reactive, meaning that we can prevent possible future problems that a customer may have, and deal with rising issues rather than waiting for them to happen.

Overall, I believe that the merger will boost the level of customer service we deliver, both at Redsquid and Triumph. We can aid each other with the necessary resources we need to give the best customer service we can. I’m very exited about the future and can’t wait to explore various opportunities.