B Corp

Are you looking to align your business operations with your values while maintaining profitability? At Redsquid, we are proud to be one of the first MSPs in the UK to achieve B Corp certification. This milestone not only enhances our credibility but also enriches the strategic advice and technological solutions we offer to our clients.


Starting the B Corp certification process shows a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

We have deep knowledge of the B Corp standards and can offer more than just technical IT and telecom solutions. We provide comprehensive support throughout your B Corp journey, offering practical advice to enhance your application, improve governance, and implement sustainable practices.

In the UK, businesses account for over 85% of total GHG emissions – making corporate action the number one priority in helping stop climate change.

As a business, since the start we have always had a green mindset with our business and a couple of years ago we wanted to do our part for the environment, and have therefore partnered up with Carbon Neutral Britain, with the ambition to measure and offset our total organisation emissions – to become a Carbon Neutral Business. In 2021 we reached that goal and are proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral business. 

Years of being a fully CO2 neutral business!

Our Values .

Passion: Driving Change with Heart and Dedication

Our passion for what we do fuels our drive to make a positive impact. We believe that every action counts and every business can be a force for good. This fervor goes beyond our products and services; it is embedded in every initiative we undertake to support social and environmental causes. Our enthusiastic participation in the B Corp community is a reflection of our commitment to lead with purpose and to make meaningful changes in the world.

Teamwork: Stronger Together

We understand that the path to sustainability and ethical business practices is one we walk together with our employees, customers, and community. Embracing the B Corp standards deepens our collaboration, pushing us to leverage collective action for a greater good. Through transparency, mutual respect, and shared goals, we foster a culture where everyone is an integral part of our mission to do better and be better.

Innovation: Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Innovation is at the core of our approach to meeting the rigorous standards of B Corp certification. We constantly seek cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve community well-being. Our commitment to innovation ensures we not only adapt to changing global needs but also drive progress that inspires others within and beyond our industry.

Integrity: Our Foundation of Trust

Integrity is the cornerstone of all our endeavors. As we align with the B Corp philosophy, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct. We promise to our stakeholders that every decision is made considering its long-term impact on people and the planet. Our integrity ensures that we remain devoted to doing business responsibly, fostering trust, and building lasting relationships.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to create a lasting impact, guided by our purpose of making a difference to our customers, our people, and our community. This purpose drives us forward and remains our top priority as we pursue our long-term visions. As an independent and privately owned Managed Service Provider, we prioritise our team, culture, and customers over short-term financial targets. Our focus is on building a community centered around innovation and technology to forge a better and more sustainable future for everyone. We believe that fostering a well-connected community promotes happiness and enables collective growth. As industry pioneers in innovative services, we have already achieved Carbon Neutral status and have just recently become a B Corp certification organistion, guided by our values which are deeply ingrained in our DNA and are integral to our commitment to a more sustainable future.

The 5 sections of B Corp


Governance involves the principles guiding a company, covering its mission, ethics, and accountability. It integrates these values into the company’s operations and promotes involvement from employees, board members, and the community. Key aspects include providing access to financial information, enabling customer feedback, and ensuring diversity in leadership.


This focuses on a business’s commitment to positively impacting its workforce. Best practices in the workplace include fair employee compensation, benefits, training, and opportunities for ownership. It also covers effective communication, job flexibility, and maintaining health and safety standards to ensure optimal working conditions.


This pertains to how a company serves its customers by offering products or services that contribute to the greater good. Best practices include adding value to customers’ lives through essential services like education, healthcare, and finance management. It also involves ethical marketing, ensuring data privacy and security, and maintaining open channels for customer feedback.


This focuses on how a company promotes sustainability and regeneration by minimizing its environmental footprint. It examines the company’s efforts to prioritize the impact on air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity in its business practices. Key areas include the environmental effects of the company’s facilities, materials, emissions, and energy use, along with the sustainability of transportation, distribution channels, and supply chain operations.


This section outlines how a business contributes to the economic and social well-being of the communities where it operates. Best practices include initiatives and policies that enhance community impact, such as nurturing supplier relationships, promoting social engagement, supporting charitable activities, and fostering strong, diverse communities.

Why Choose a B Corp Certified MSP?

Choosing Redsquid means partnering with an MSP that doesn’t just talk about values but lives them. As active participants in the B Corp community, we bring a wealth of experience in integrating B Corp principles with business operations, ensuring that your technology solutions advance your company’s commitment to positive impact.

As B Corps redefine success in business, they remain accessible to a variety of organisational structures from SMEs to large enterprises. We understand that each organisation has unique needs and challenges, making our tailored approach ideal for integrating your specific goals with our B Corp insights. 

Future Goals and Vision

We continue to innovate and lead in the MSP sector by committing to the B Corp philosophy of doing good for the world while doing well in business. Whether you are considering B Corp certification or are looking to deepen your existing commitment, Redsquid is here to support and elevate your efforts.

Explore how partnering with a B Corp certified MSP can transform your business. Reach out to us to discover how we can help you make a lasting impact.


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