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Malware • Antivrus • Ransomware • Exploits

Discover our Next-Gen multi-layered security suite that brings together
everything you need in one Unified Endpoint Management Solution. 
Threat Hunting, Prevention, and Mitigation.
All in one package, for UK’s best endpoint protection.

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✓ Manages ALL Devices

✓ Entirely Cloud Based

✓ Central Patch Management

✓ Wipe Devices From Anywhere

✓ Locate All Your Devices

Endpoint Management Solution

Why Your Business Need Endpoint Protection

The amount of cyber attacks is increasing daily and your business needs a pro-active endpoint security solution that protects you from ransomware, phishing attacks and exploits. 
Our endpoint protection solution use behaviour based machine learning, and cloud based threat lab analysis to keep your business running and fully protected at all times and where ever you are.


88 %

Up to 88 % of UK businesses have experienced a cyber security breach in the last 12 months


£2.9 M

Security breaches cost an average of £2.9 million for UK organisations to recover from


20 %

20 % of businesses have experienced a material outcome, losing money or data from a security breach



230.000 new types of malware emerge every single day


50 %

About half of all UK cyber attacks involve phishing