What is the Internet of Things? Redsquid explains

The Internet of Things (IoT) are expanding rapidly and effecting more and more of the devices we use. 
From everyday devices in our homes, to the cars we drive and the offices we work in, we implement IoT devices which helps us become more productive. 
In the aftermath of Covid-19, the use of IoT in businesses are expanding faster than ever. This has led to 95% of businesses reporting seeing a positive return on investment when implementing IoT.

More of our devices become connected to the web and therefore a part of the Internet of Things. We see businesses take this on, and use IoT to challenge and evolve their businesses. So, here’s everything you need to know about the connected world of Internet of Things. 

But what is the Internet of Things?

Overall IoT covers everything that is connected to the internet. However, we are increasingly using it to describe objects that can ’talk’ to each other. These we call connected devices. In the home connected devices are our smart watches, temperature monitoring in different rooms, or adding items to your list with Alexa. These will be connected together and often managed through your smart phone. In the office we are also seeing a rapid adoption of IoT devices. From temperature scanners at the entrance to make sure your employees enter a safe space, to air-conditioning monitoring and heat mapping of the office areas. IoT helps making our offices smarter, safer and additionally more productive.

How does IoT work?

IoT moves us into a much more connected world. By connecting devices on a closed and private internet connection, it becomes possible to gather and analyse data. This analysed data can be adopted to  benefit the businesses. Hence, IoT is all about the networks, the devices and the data. Based on the data, we can take action which helps optimising a particular task. Furthermore it can be used to optimising a process, or even create a new product range that seems to be missing. In the end, IoT gives us an opportunity to work smarter and to prioritise resources. The best of IoT comes out to the data we can collect and access in real time, which are essential when making high risk decisions. 

Why is IoT important?

IoT is important for any business, to ensure the organisation will evolve as a part of digitisation and Industry 4.0. Furthermore we see big improvements in both business and employee performance. In the future it will become crucial for any business to take part in this development and adoption of IoT. Here’s what Kevin Quinn, Head of Solutions at Redsquid, had to say:

“Smart watches, smart heating, smart doorbells… the Internet of Things (IoT) is very much already part of our consumer lives. The same is true for businesses. The ability to track our assets, automate monitoring processes such as temperature, energy usage in our buildings or manufacturing equipment, in order to make better data driven decisions, is key to driving businesses in becoming more efficient and productive. This not only saves money but time, whilst also improving and transforming the customer experience and building much more valuable relationships, which is now more crucial than ever.”

As he states, IoT creates an opportunity of not only saving time but furthermore reducing costs, for any business that incorporates IoT into their organisation. Operations become more efficient while reducing costs and finally increase customer satisfaction. In the end IoT have the prospect of adding unlimited value into businesses, and this is a journey that all organisations will want to become a part of to strive in the future.

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